Bloody French

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by K640, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Renault could soon find itself facing one of the most bizarre legal challenges in automotive history. A 23-year-old woman from Paris called Zoe Renault has warned the French maker it may face court action if it calls its electric supermini Zoe, as planned.

    Stupid French bint

    Might be time to end the failed experiment that is the French. Anyone else up for a re run of D Day?
  2. Quite right too, who wants the same name as a frog car?
  3. "...warned the French maker it may face court action"

    My bold

    All bull and bluster.
  4. As a lot of cars have a triple name so why not call it the Zoe Renault Slapper and really give her something to whinge about.
  5. And if the RN plans to give either of the new carriers the pennant R12.... they'd better stand by!!! :D
  6. It's a fuckin ugly car, so if they were to name it after her, it would only have been because she is ******* ugly as well.
  7. :lol: Good one
  8. She may be a nobber, but she's still probably 6847% more intelligent than your average Brit.
  9. Well, you can blame the Government for that ("Education, education, education") aka (dumbed down, dumbed down dumbed down)
  10. Well, actually, it would be Dumm down, Dumm down, Dumm down; from the boxhead word for stupid; as opposed the don't speak, don't speak, don't speak.

    God bless America, eh.

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