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bloody computers indeed

Mines blown up on me !
awaiting a new super dooper core i7 job. But for now i'm relegated to the wifes laptop. can't stand useing those things. Apart for mobility whats the atraction. can't understand how people prefer these as thier main home machines.


War Hero
I use a laptop. When I'm on the road it's very handy. At home I plug in a wireless thingy and have a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard which gives me all options. I use it for office work, surfing and playing games and as a virtual radar terminal. 8)


War Hero
I never owned my own machine until I had my heart attack, never used it much except for eBay. When I had finished all my operations and was allowed home I could not climb the stairs so I was bought a laptop. I hated the thought of a touch pad, but could not use a mouse from the comfort of my armchair, so touch pad it was.
Now whenever I use the set up in the study, I feel awkward with a mouse.
My downfall is the Wi system I bought with the "fit" set up. Its not only awkward, but embarrassing when things wink at you from the screen. 8O


War Hero


War Hero
How do you up load videos from pc to RR? Tried to but keep getting.

The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension.

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