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Bloody bent below stairs butler...

...blags & barters bossman BUBBLES's bling & baubles on b-bay
Mea Culpa - 'twas e-bay really, not b-bay...

<<...A Met spokesman confirmed that a 37-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of theft. ‘The arrest follows an investigation into the theft of items from premises belonging to the Royal Household,’ they added. ‘The investigation is ongoing....>>’



Lantern Swinger
Mea Culpa - 'twas e-bay really, not b-bay...

The very same Tony Johnstone-Burt who admonished the Duke of York for turning the Palace into a convention centre?

Well, thanks for the prompt -I haven't visited e-Bay for years! I went in search of Eric C. Hiscock's "Voyaging Under Sail", and found it there. Hiscock served briefly in the Royal Navy but made his name through his books and lecturers on ocean cruising. In 1974, as a schoolboy, I watched a screening of the Hiscock's film "Beyond the West Horizon" when they passed our way on Wanderer IV. It's a wonderful look into the past. Hiscock and his wife were awarded the MBE for services to yachting in the 1984 New Years honours list.

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