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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by stumpy, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. BBC News 24 had two stories featuring 771 NAS tonight, one a rescue of a girl from Dartmoor and the other the recovery of two bodies from Mullion. They did the usual thing of saying "RAF Culdrose" and "RAF Helicopters" (despite the footage showing Royal Navy on its side ffs!).

    So far, so frustrating but nothing new or unexpected from ignorant reporters. Thne I see on the BBC website this little gem: " The incidents involved police, Dartmoor rescue services, and the Royal Naval Air Service..."

    I am not just being pedantic, but if the BBC makes such obvius mistakes over subjects I know about, then are they making the same mistakes over subjects that I don't?? Can you imagine a journo repeatedly mistaking dollars for euros?
  2. No standards any more ;-(

    On Christmas morning as I came off watch the BBC were interviewing a Sqn Ldr in Basrah. The caption read "Squadron leader - British Army".

    In don't trust anything in the media - it's basically compiled by some bearly literally and essentially unqualified journalist's and we get fed nothing more than their perception of the situation they've just seen rather than real facts.
  3. Well I saw the BBC News and it referred to Royal Naval Air Service helicopter--no mention of RAF in the report !!!!
  4. But what is worse:

    BBC wrong: RAF Helicopter.


    BBC about 70 years out of date: Royal Naval Air Service...

    It does make me worry about what else they are getting wrong...that I don't know about...
  5. At least the Navy part was there lol !!!
  6. Only just though , Does make you wonder , Royal Navy Seals next , !!!!!!!!
  7. Well, the US Navy got dolphins to hunt mines. I think we should have seals. We could teach them tricks and use them to win public sympathy. :p
  8. I have had this dispute with BBC reporting AND told them about it before, but you only have to listen to "Feedback" on Radio 4 to know that these people are so far up their own rear ends that what the customer says means f*** all to them. Half of them are semi literate and cannot comprehend what sloppy reporting means to the people to whom it refers.
    Don't forget that some of them have a degree in media studies.
    Another bullseye for the chaos that purports to be an education system.

  9. I was watching BBC South Today one day last week and they went live to "the icebreaker, HMS Endurance" - and thats after one of their reporters had been living on it for a week!

  10. Tufty, for info. HMS Endurance IS a class 1 icebreaker. She was built in Norway in 1990 as the MV Polar Circle. The RN chartrered her in 1991 before buying her in 1992 and commissioning her as HMS Endurance in 1992.

    Keep Striving
  11. Newspapers are just as bad, especially the Sunday bloody Torygraph - the single worst sub-edited paper in the UK. Yesterday, when talking about the loss of the Lynx Mk 7 over Basra last year, it called it an RAF Lynx.

    Is there someone in MoD who should correct all these?
  12. Stumpy, I saw the report. It was a senior plod who used the term Royal Naval Air Service. Sad.
  13. Some things will never change unfortunately. By the time the story could be corrected to reflect the correct terminology the issue is probably no longer in the news. This is probably why 95% of the civilian population don't even realise that the Navy has a FAA, let alone what aircraft it flies.
  14. Saw the ITV News tonight, a Lt Cdr Royal Navy, in front of a Chopper plainly marked Royal Navy, yet he was referred to as RAF. Is this the reason that the RN now wear shoulder Flashes with Royal Navy on them?, Christ does no-one recognise a Sailor anymore?
  15. Of course the "Royal Navy" flashes depend on the public being able to read... :cry:
  16. Just a thought after the event. The BBC had a lot of coverage of the two west country incidents, pointing out that it was the same helo in both. Are they filming a series at Seahawk at the moment? looking at the other posts would it not be correct to rename this thread "Bloody ITV and Devon and Cornwall Police. " I think the Beeb might be the inocent party here.
  17. I would like to point out that this problem always rears its ugly head when we have an incident national interest and you get the know it all reporters down from London (for a recent example `the yank sun dodgers in the Plymouth sound`). The local reporting was correct as far as I am aware.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  18. All sounds about par for the meeja, just look at how often you see pictures of Booties in a paper with the byline 'soldiers' or 'army'

    Meeja ID crib sheet:

    Flighty things = RAF
    Floaty things = Navy
    Wheely/walky things = Army
  19. Wot Higgy when they are running around in Berets and Camouflage gear why would they. Its Pusser that has created the new Purple Image

  20. If sailory types are clad thus, the public can identify them. Otherwise they could be any old Wafoo/Pongo...


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