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They recently changed the age you can give blood in the UK to 17 don't know why or when, I just know they just did. Before this happened in order to find your blood group if were your under 18 you had to pay for it unless you had a blood test for medical purposes. So here's links to different blood banks in the UK;
Another note hospitals are short of O negative blood so if you already know your type and it's O neg. Please donate and if you're not do it anyway.
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Scotblood are a complete pain in the a*se I donated blood and never got my card that day and still waiting on my card and blood type from them got it done private for 43 quid and results in 2 days I'm type O will go back and give them some more


Maybe because I have long line of family members on my mam's side being nurses that I was hoping to be O neg and set up regular donations.
If you go to any African countries or some of the other places the RFA visit they will not accept blood donations again from you or so I was told when speaking to the nurse who was ex RN

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