Blood Pressure

Is elevated diastolic blood pressure a bar to entry for the RN?
(diastolic ranging from 83 -> 100 when under stress (i.e. when being examined by the Doctor at the AFCO), normally 69-77)

I'm asking as I've had 2 medicals with the Royal Navy (with 2 diff Drs) thus far and both times it has been up, but when checked at the GP its normal, so have been told to ask GP to arrange a 24 hr BP test to try to get to the bottom of this. (first Dr considered it "white coat syndrome" and was willing to pass me if I came back with a normal set of results, however the other Dr I saw, doesn't believe in "white coat syndrome" and has ordered further tests) I know why he wants to check....its just frustrating, I really want to serve my country and make something of myself.

One positive has come out of this process....GP went over my meds, agreed to take me off them and it seems I was misdiagnosed on the IBS :D Seems the pills they had me take were causing the problems :D :D


White Coat Syndrome is common, but usually only involves the systolic pressure (ie the first figure in the blood pressure measurement). Elevated diastolic pressure is unusual in anxiety, but not unheard of. I agree with the second GP's assessment that a 24 hour monitor is required.
Thanks for the information, its appreciated :)

Both of mine go up (systolic and diastolic), and I'm told by others in my family it happens to them too with certain Drs but not with others.

Thankfully my family otherwise has solid genetics (most of them work for years in heavy industry and construction and are never off sick.)

My GP has ordered an alternative 24 hour BP test as the local hospital administer the test ordered by the navy doc (ambulatory 24/24 BP) and the hospital have a massive waiting list locally.

GP reckons the alternate test should show up if there are any issues in the mean time, they say they will forward me for the ordered test if the alternate doesn't meet the needs of the AFCO or if it shows up anything needing further investigation.

I feel like I'm playing piggy in the middle between Drs at times I really do :roll:
At least your Dr is making a good effort to get you checked out properly, useful backup in case you need to try and challenge any future findings from the AFCO doc.. (mind you they are normally spot on)
I know man, its just a bit of a pain.
Want to get on with application process, seem to have done ok thus far, just the medical thats sticking things and its not the easiest to keep motivation up when keep getting knock backs.

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