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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by werqpr, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. I've just returned from the doctors and my BP is 145/85 and 151/72

    I'm 24, 6"1 and weigh 15.8, is my blood prussure to high??
  2. Not to be a smart arse, but wouldnt the doc have told you if its too high rather than asking people on a forum, most of which wont have a clue?
  3. thats a fair point but, when i went for my medical the Dr said it was high, then this morning my Dr said it was normal, so i was hoping angry doc or someone like that could help me out
  4. No doubt someone more qualified will give you a more detailed response, but a while back I was checking out my BP and I now keep a fairly close eye on it - the notes I have are:

    Normal Blood Pressure Levels 135/80
    Top - Systolic - pressure in your arteries when you heart is forcing blood through them.
    Bottom - Diastolic - pressure in your arteries when hear relaxes

    Systolic reading can be anywhere between 90 and 240 and the Diastolic from 60 to 140.

    A reading of 140/90 is boderline hypertension HBP
    A reading of 141/90 - 160/95 is moderate to high risk HBP
    A reading higher than 160/95 is high risk HBP

    A consistent reading of 140/90 is the level used to diagnore HBP - if it consistently at this level it will need to be treated.

    BP varies in everyone by a large amount, based on age, diet, lifestyle, itness etc - you may get unexpected "one off" high readings so measurements should be repeated over a period of time.

    As it's been pointed out - your GP would advise you if you have HBP and then discuss with you any lifestyle changes or whether you need medication to keep it under control.

    Just get a job that is stress free.... :)

  5. Do they exist?

    Better to identify the symtoms and deal accordingly.

    An old boss of mine used to say 'we make our own stress'. Never a truer word spoken.
  6. I'm 56, 6'1'' and weigh 11.6 and my BP is 112/70..........such is life. :thumright:
  7. well done, take a bow! but it doesnt help me out, i've got a 3 inch nob and big ears! know what i mean old son!!
  8. Lose weight, exercise and eat healthily mate. Simple as
  9. A few months ago I had some pains in my abdomen so I went to the doctor.

    He could find nothing wrong and I'm fine now.

    Could someone who doesn't know me who has no medical qualifications please let me know if I am ill?
  10. I'm totally unqualified, so yes your ill, not only that but barking mad too. :tongue8:
  11. Guzzler, the more of your posts I read the more I fall in love with you. Navy banter is gonna suit me down to the ground
  12. Yes, that could be regarded as 'high'. As stated above the 'average' for your age should be about 120/80, and below 140/90.

    'Average' is a very loose term when dealing with 6 billion people though. Also depends on time of day / current stress level / how good looking the doc is / family history.

    Slitting your throat is a quick and effective method of reducing BP, and will have it below 140 within the hour. Stay fit, eat healthily and have it monitored is the rather more boring conventional way.
  13. How very touching oh hooped one.

    Must say I've shared some enjoyable banter with some of your comrades from the Loft over recent years.

    Good luck.

  14. ....really ?
  15. no, i was telling porky's
  16. Can't porky tell his own?
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Happy to oblige...

    You're fine my good chap, however get that bunnion checked without further ado.

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