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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by The_Fisherman, May 16, 2011.

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  1. I was walking past the hospital this morning and decided to go sign up to the blood donor's register.

    Then I kinda decided to do the whole thing and do the bone marrow and organ one (signing up when I do my first donation)

    But yeah, This wont like mess up my application for the Navy will it? The fact I'm having a needle jammed into my hip to suck out the squishy inside?
  2. You are more at risk from errant apostrophes than from donating blood or bone marrow.
  3. I Thinks AD is saying that no it will not cause you any problems with your application, but might be worth just informing your careers advisor. As you should if anything changes or you do something. Always inform the careers office prior to doing anything or as soon as possible after.

  4. Then when you get in you can nip along to the nearest schoolie and get those errant apostophes sorted. :)
  5. I have just rang my AFCO and im guessing its the same one as you FISHERMAN (Plymouth) about donating blood as im due to on thursday, and it's fine and they have no problem with it. But i'm not sure about bone marrow as thats quite complicated it think. Hope that helps.
  6. Sounds good, I wont sign to the bone marrow one yet till I've had a chat with the AFCO then.
    Oh and sorry about the apostophes, I had just sat an English exam a hour or so before, so was all Englished out !

    And thursday is when my blood donation is!!
  7. Apostrophes and prepositions.

    I'm going to enjoy this thread and join the Scab Lifter in the Pedant's Lab. Let's give Magda a call and she assist us further :-D.
  8. Cant give blood in the UK anymore as all "Floridians" are riddled with west nile virus................Cant give blood in Fl as all "Janners" are riddled with foot n mouth. So I'll just blooody keep it then!
  9. "Pedant mode on" Fixed that for you "pedant mode off" :-D
  10. Thanks Wrecker :thumright:

  11. mines thursday too, whos your CA??

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