Blood and Adrenaline

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Ollie-O, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Just got back from deepest South London where I work from time to time and I was walking past a hospital on the way to the local train station to come home. As I'm walking I hear a skidding sound and look over at the opposite side of the road to witness a cyclist go flying over his handle bars and land head first on the concrete whilst a lorry that was next to him accelerates away rather fast indeed.
    I run across two lanes of london traffic and without thinking am on my knees using anything I can find to stem the ungodly amount of claret that is escaping from the poor fella's head. I used a newspaper, some tissues, and someone even passed me a wad of blue-roll from who knows where. My hands and arms were covered in blood before paramedics ran out of the hospital to take over.
    Obviously I'm dead chuffed that I reacted well, I didn't even have a chance to think about what I was doing until afterwards... anyway it's got me thinking and posting: how many others on this site have similar stories at sea or ashore of situations where the sh*t has hit the fan and they've reacted in a fashion that would be a credit to HM's finest? Courage under fire etc, thinking Fo'c'sle specials in a sea state 9, fires, floods, blah blah blah.
    Come on all you heroes!
  2. Congratulations and well done. I believe most people would have acted in such a way had they any degree of social responsibility and a caring attitude towards fellow man.
    Doubless to say there are numerous people on this site who fall into the same category, but fear that many will not post as it is not in their nature to so do. Having said that have you prepared yourself for the shock which will hit you later on? BZ
  3. One of my oppos tripped over outside Jo's once, his kebab went flying. In slow motion, I dived into the road and managed to catch the kebab before it splattered across the deck. It landed perfectly intact in my hand with just a small splatter of chilli sauce and a piece of lettuce spilling onto the road. I still think about it to this day and how things could be so much different now if I hadn't managed to catch it. One of my proudest moments.
  4. His most other notable proudest moment was Eight Piecing the local Sea Cadets in preperation for his Far East deployment :D
  5. Driving to work one morning on a bit of three lane dual carriage way towards a set of traffic lights (for the oldies, these are the lights before entering the tunnel in Jersey - think Bergerac). A young lady on her bike suddenly cycles out from the central reservation across my path and the three lanes of traffic. Nothing in the outer lane - good, me in the middle lane - not good, slams on the anchors with mucho annoyance - she looks at me in fear, carrys on cycling not seeing this poor Portuguese bloke in the inner lane. I was getting out of the car before her bike had come back down onto the ground.
    Did the usual stuff made sure she was OK, first aid - just a bit of blood - tried to get Mrs Flymo to call for an ambulance but she had just turned her phone off and it takes ages to boot up (sheesh) and blah blah blah.

    Once this lady was whisked away the coppers took certain details from me. The funny thing was I couldn't remember my full address!
    The wife said that she knew I was in a state as we then went for a late breakfast and I paid £11 without complaining of the extortionate price!! :)
  6. Good effort, but before you get too cocky I think you need to address your failure in the 'splatter of chilli sauce and a piece of lettuce' field.


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