Blonde Joke

dondon said:
Nutty said:
Blonde Essex Girl goes into hairdressers wearing her iPod earphones. She asks for a cut and blow (no not that) dry but she must keep the earphones on at all times.

Well the hairdresser not wishing to turn away money agrees to this strange request. Well the apprentice managed the wash OK but the stylist, being of the temperamental type got half way thru the cut before she became fed up with the earphones and pulled them off, throwing them to the floor.

The blonde let out a huge gasp!!!!! and slumped dead in the chair. Whilst staff try to help the Blonde the stylist went to find out what was on the iPod.



"Breathe in Breathe out, breathe in breathe out, breathe in breathe out etc."

PMSL , good one Nutty

Booked a appointment for the other half last weekend for a cut and blow. I thought to myself do not say blow job!! Of course six darlings stood staring when I said she wants a cut and blow job :thumright: .

Who can order a 99 ice cream without saying to the bimbo give me a 69

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