Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ChrisA, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've been lurking in the shadows here for a while now, only recently decided I had better introduce my self.

    I'm applying to be a CIS Specialist in the RN, just passed my interview yesterday and the medical is in 2 weeks.

    I've been keeping a blog of my progress for friends+family but I thought it might be useful for anyone going through the selection process or thinking about it to refer to, you can find it here:
  2. Welcome mate and good luck with your career.... :roll:
  3. You'll do well as an RO if you like lurking in the shadows m8e...

    (or the MCO or the signal deck or the comms store)

    Good luck at Raleigh!
  4. Have fun, and don't forget PERSEC when doing your blog! Looks OK up to now, though.

  5. cheers for the link mate, I'm still only thinking about joining up (also keenest on CIS trade) but thats blog of yours is a good read about the whole process. good luck with it all.
  6. Interesting Dit.

    Try to keep it up when you join up. It will be fun to read about you as you progress
  7. That's a great idea. I did one too (I keep an online diary but it's only viewable by a couple of people), it'll never be public though. So great idea, I'd have liked to have read that sort of thing. Hope it all goes ok.
  8. Is there internet access at Raleigh? Will I even have time to use it?!

    IF I get that far, I'll be sure to try and update it as often as possible.

    Re: PERSEC. I'm obviously not disclosing anything personal, the most you're knowing is that my local office is Brighton!

    @Wiggly. Sorry I'm not too sharp on the acronyms yet! I'm guessing RO = Radio Operator? What about MCO?
  9. There is a Learning Centre at Raleigh with internet access - whether you have time to use it is a different matter :wink: However, you should have a bit of spare time if your training goes well and your kit is up to standard, particularly at weekends.

    When you start Phase 2 training at Collingwood, then you'll definitely have more free time to do your blog.

    Look forward to reading it!
  10. Congrats young man! I still remember how it felt when I got the nod from the local careers office for me to join up. Enjoy your career, and make the most of the opportunities, the training, the runs ashore and general naval life. it is a great career and one I must admit I miss greatly. I envy you this chance you have, go for it, grab it with both hands and enjoy!
  11. I don't remember having time to sit down let alone surfing the web during basic - however, since joining this forum have realised that things have changed massively since I left in 97!

    Affirmative, RO is Radio Operator, both Buntings (tactical) and Sparkers (general), these were amalgamated into cross trained ROs in the early 90's and then OM(C) a few years later after cross training again by attending a WEMs course and a tiny bit of seamanship. It now appears that you're now called CIS Specialists, have no idea what this means in terms of your rate or whether OM(C)s have to do any cross training or are have simply just become CIS..? Can anyone enlighten me?

    MCO is the Main Communications Office where you will be the on-watch Dister for the first 12 months of your time onboard!

    Also as a comms rating you'll also learm to love acronyms...
  12. Well I had the medical today. Declared temporarily unfit because I'm slightly underweight. Really wasn't expecting that to be honest, so it's a bit of a blow.

    I have a maximum of 3 months to put 5kg on and I can just do the BMI part of the medical again - longer than 3 months and I have to re-do the entire thing.

    Really don't know how best to go about it though, I'm already eating lots everyday, do plenty of running/swimming/cycling, but perhaps not enough muscle training.
  13. Fan my brow! Is that offer restricted only to ChrisA..? :wink:
  14. Argh - gutted mate!

    I was 1kg under the maximum weight for my medical a couple of weeks back, and since then i've lost about 5kg...........i'd much rather be in your boat!!
    Happy eating - pies, pies, and more pies...........followed by a good few pints! Happy days.
    Right i'm off to eat my salad - jealous......big time!!!

    Good luck.

    Nicky xx
  15. Sara - Deal.

    Nicky, you lost 5kg in 2 weeks? Reckon the reverse is possible?!
  16. Easy!!

    Let me know how you get on.

  17. Just had a thought - it was actually about a month since my don't go to over the top - give yourself a month.
    Maybe try some suppliments to increase your muscle mass.
  18. Drink a couple of litres of water just before you get weighed again & hope your bladder holds up , very best of luck Matey , hope you have a very long & enjoyable career , honestly have a few glasses of water just before they weigh you ,

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