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You haven't explained how the RAF Regt are taking credit for killing or capturing all the insurgents when at least 7 taliban fighters saved them the trouble by blowing themselves (and harriers/perimeter fence) up and there was apache's and USMC involved in the fight as well.
That was certainly the story reported in The Sun ;) - I wasn't aware the Harriers were blown up also by suicide vests. Seems a wasteful approach if other options existed. So basically the 13 firefight kills were split between the USMC, RAF and Apache(s).

PS. Nice pic.


War Hero
Dont forget about the poor bugger taken prisoner, he's probably longing for death right now after being subjected to relentless versions of "We're part of the big three" "continuous ops since 1942" and other heroic tales of doing nothing much in particular.


"Right, Flight Lieutenant Cockstick. We have a bit of a PR snafu. It turns out that we allowed some enemy forces to pitch up completely unchallenged and start a bit of bother near some of those airplane things we're responsible for defending at that perimeter thing we're responsible for defending. Tell everyone we won it and hopefully they'll ignore the fact we didn't spot them bimbling across all that open ground despite being in the least geographically impaired part of Afghanistan there is. Get whoever made that advert about us evacuating Libya to come up with something, they've got massive ******* lies well and truly covered."
Haha, you may've misunderstood, or else revision has addled away my humour. I meant good practice blogging -> writing / debating on naval and defence stuff. ;)
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