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Blocked in parking spaces

Trooped_Again said:
OSLO said:
Maxi_77 said:
OSLO said:
Trooped_Again said:
fly_past said:
What would you do if a person blocked your car in, when you were parked in a legitimate bay in a car park (tesco/Asda/ type place).

Would you be upset, calm, have a cup of tea while you wait, reverse back, pop their tyres?

Me? id reverse my car and sod the damages to either veichle!

Look forward to some replies......

Why ask - Jenny Dabber did it to somebody in her post (areseholes who park in child places).....

Although the Car Park is private property and the Police can't help if some-one has blocked you in, causing damage to their car is a Police matter regardless of where it happened.

So, a full packet of strong curry powder poured into the vents just below their windscreen should do it.

Also, it may be worthwhile if some-one looked into the law regarding clamping at these superstores, could have a case against the store.

Why on earth would it be illegal??? That would make any clamping on private property illegal, now wouldn't it?

It certainly is here.

Last I looked, you could hire a clamping firm to clamp unauthorised cars in your car park, provided there are warning signs. Tell me it isn't so.

Scottish Law?

Yup for some obscure reason clamping apart from that under local authority parking regulations is not legal up here, you can though get the details of the cars registered keeper from the DVLA and send of a bill provided you have the appropriate warnings, and then hand it over to a dodgy debt collecter.
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