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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. What would you do if a person blocked your car in, when you were parked in a legitimate bay in a car park (tesco/Asda/ type place).

    Would you be upset, calm, have a cup of tea while you wait, reverse back, pop their tyres?

    Me? id reverse my car and sod the damages to either veichle!

    Look forward to some replies......

    Why ask - Jenny Dabber did it to somebody in her post (areseholes who park in child places).....
  2. The people parked in the bay were however not legitimately parked. They had flaunted the rules laid down by the car park owners.
    I read recently that one of the big food stores is to start clamping offenders with the release money going to children's charities.
    Bring it on I say.
    Though I disagree with the parent and child parking (I would move them away from the store entrance and make them use a safe foot way to the store) the store owners have every right to make the regulations for the car park use.
    Further to this Tesco at Martins Heron Brackell have annoyed British rail commuters by stating that they will no longer be able to park in Tesco's car park.
    The commuters are extremely annoyed, but why should Tesco provide parking for the railways?
  3. Wel then, you would be in the wrong, why? Because, you had parked in a space that was not put there for, unless you had a child with you. Therefore, the store has a right to clamp, tow or ticket you. If you damaged the car that blocked you in, by law, you would be made to pay it, why?


    Simple, see. And how can I answer like this? Got some lovely legal advice, a mate of mine has been through the same thing as I did, however, her car was barged out the way. The guy who did it tried to claim personal damages i.e. medical and the court tossed it out.
  4. Other way of doing it, go into the store, customer service desk and say you have seen a car with smashed windows, give reg number, they then put out the 'Would owner of vehicle reg...... return to their vehicle immediately' announcement.

    When they turn up and moan 'windows not broken' etc, just politely point out that no but if the car doesnt move soon they may well be
  5. Carry a bag of tin tacks in your car to place under tyres maybe?

    Hang on,thats wrong but so rewarding.Naughty Rodney.
  6. I used to live in the centre of a village and people were always parking over our driveway. I came back one afternoon and was only just able to squeeze my car down the driveway, hacked off with this I came out again and parked a couple of inches of the blocking cars front bumper, went and got my other car and parked it a couple of inches off the cars rear bumper and went and sat in the pub opposite. Saw a woman come back and look unhappily at the blocking car, walked over and said "they haven't left you much room to get out" when she said no I pointed out that she hadn't shown me any consideration either and that I'd move my cars when I felt like it, she walked off grumpily and I left her blocked in for half an hour or so, these people need to be shown how their inconsideration impacts on others.

  7. The question wasn't specifically about discriminatory parking bays, you and Slim have just assumed that.

  8. Depends what car I was driving ------if I was in my Land rover then I would be tempted to reverse into the other car enought to mark it. Then drive back into the marked bay .

    The beauty of an enclosed car park is that it does not fall into the Road traffic regulations due to the area being on private property so any claim for damages must be done via civil action ----and its expense !!Also its normally done by sue-ing the driver of the offending ??? vehicle.
    So unless there were witnesses to verify the fact who was driving its very like the damged vehicle owner will end up paying for repairs and court costs!!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  9. Although the Car Park is private property and the Police can't help if some-one has blocked you in, causing damage to their car is a Police matter regardless of where it happened.

    So, a full packet of strong curry powder poured into the vents just below their windscreen should do it.

    Also, it may be worthwhile if some-one looked into the law regarding clamping at these superstores, could have a case against the store.
  10. There wa no assumption. JDs post was mentioned as an example. :thumright:
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Years ago my late (I put this in so nobody wastes money trying to sue her) mother used her engagement ring to write 'Don't Park Here Again' on the bodywork of a car that had blocked her out. It was after dark so I don't suppose the owner noticed until later..
  12. Slim, think I'm gonna fall in love with you :dwarf:
  13. Actually it's referenced as the reason for asking the question, not as an example.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Slim: Nice one, babe, honey, dear, sweetie, sugar... :wink:


    :pukel: :plotting: :cheese: :ncool:
  15. You interpret it your way, and the rest of us will interpret it the way that the poster meant it to be interpreted.
  16. Why on earth would it be illegal??? That would make any clamping on private property illegal, now wouldn't it?

  17. Thank SgtP but next time you give me kisses not tongues or closing your eyes, slut :w00t:
  18. It certainly is here.
  19. Last I looked, you could hire a clamping firm to clamp unauthorised cars in your car park, provided there are warning signs. Tell me it isn't so.
  20. Scottish Law?

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