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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Aske by Blobbs to post the avatar of the tatsty wren.


    Right click and save to desktop then go to My Account and browse then add to your account.New AVatar.

    Or.......copy the following link into the top box.
  3. What a nice bloke that Blobby is lol
  4. No she is most IMPROPER. Thats why we all like her :oops:
  5. andym just noticed your pic....think you need to take your thumb off the end mate....that aint natural!!
  6. even better on , mmmmmmmmmmm ,
  7. Heres some proper (Canadian) ones then!
  8. ooooo look its the PO Stoker in the sternsheets!LOL
  9. He looks like the only female...all the rest are fcuking male!!! :D :D
  10. STOP SHOUTING She woud get it!!! Let us dream!! :lol:
  11. Andy do you ever wonder, 'Crap mate, sorry I did that??'. Pxxx
  12. Me worry?Nah lifes too short for that.LOL
  13. Bloobs Avatar??? No Brainer, nothing .... I'm off to the pub....O'Eh. Anyway over a half(hiccup!) pint what was the question???? Just be a man and hiccup blobby???

  14. Going to the pub Pinta, sounds like you've already been! :lol: :lol: :D
  15. hiccup. Wat's you said BootNZ neck?? :) xx
  16. No!? but that what wrens should look like :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  17. but she just wouldn't look the same in a pair of blue ovies and bats would she....
  18. Ahhhhh nice Avatar for our St Blobs of the Bar!! Paracetamol on list of things to get Rosy, stop yelling!!! xxxxxx
  19. Am I the only one to notice she's wearing a man's jacket? (Buttoned the girl's way.)

    ps, my wife looked like that but the braid was blue in those days!
  20. Jacket... Jacket .... :? I hadn't noticed anything above the hands...honest !! :wink:

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