"Blobbs is a cnut because I said so"

Do you agree with Blobby's claim that 'Blobbs is a cnut because I said so'

  • I would prefer not to say.

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  • Rubbish! Booties are infallible!

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  • No. It applies to me instead....

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Can you believe it... a Bootie uttering the immortal phrase "Blobbs is a cnut because I said so"? We'll at Blobby's request it is so! :twisted:

In just 5 words, discuss...

[align=center]Did you really say so?[/align]
Fecking hell you're in MSGSMs... league :lol: . Still the poufs are doing nicely on theirs so I'll keep the insults coming in this one until you get time to reply :p

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