Blind Man Tasered!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MG Maniac, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Blind Man Tasered As Cops Mistake Stick For Sword

    Just how the hell did the Police Officer manage to mistake a white walking stick for a samauri sword???? Good job it was only a Taser on not some trigger happy fire-arms officer with a Glock!

    Ooohh I can hear the £££'s claim in compensation already!
  2. Poor bloke was on the his way to the boozer as well, plod bastards.
  3. ' thing you know they'll be shooting Brazilian electricians !
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  4. Shouldn't this read, "Man tasered by blind police"?

    Disgraceful if the facts are as reported :angry7:
  5. There's an interesting parallel here with what disasters can occur on Tour. Studying 'why accidents happen' is a science in itself and covers all sorts of things like threat expectation, tunnel vision etc. Pilots, and other people having to make fast-paced decisions will undertake such training. Might be worth sending some of the plod back to school IF it is the case that the copper got all carried away with the threat as described over his radio.

    I bet it's not as clear cut as it would seem in the papers.
  6. How the hell did they mistake a white stick for a sword?? Poor guy had already suffered 2 strokes as it is..
  7. Obscene Picture removed

    Hes got a Samurai, taser the ******, Fred!
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  8. There is undoubtedly more to this than the media are saying. Firstly, numerous calls had been made to the police regarding someone carrying a sword in the area so; Imagine you are the officer in question. Mentalist with a sword running around ergo already shitting yourself, the deaths of two other officers fresh in your mind, you round a corner as it's getting dark and there you are faced with a stocky bald guy who is carrying something that looks nothing like the stereotypical "white stick" and from an angle, can certainly take on the appearance of an edge on sword.
    It's easy to have a go at the Police but accidents happen. It seems to be an unfortunate chain of events. These things are never anywhere near as cut and dry as the shit we call the media make out.
  9. Cock shot in Current Affairs? Now that's a banning if ever I saw one. Drills.
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Maybe that's your answer. The poor bugger was probably tachicardic and the easiest way to get the heart back into rhythm was to shock him with a taser.
  11. A sterling defence Monty and no doubt Plod will have it to hand when the case is properly investigated.However,having seen the victim shuffling along with his stick "sword wielding mentalist" wasn't the first phrase that sprang to mind.Further to that,not satified with tasering the poor sod they then handcuffed him and hauled him back to the station by which time his "sword" could have been easily identified as a white stick.
  12. In fairness to the rozzers his 'white stick' was shiny and about the same length as a sword.

    Plus he was a skinhead so he must have been dodgy right?

  13. There was someone seen with a sword around, as reported by numerous people. Baldy fitted the description. It's all too easy to judge, especially when it's the dastardly Police. The bastards.
  14. I suppose it's always possible they actually thought they had captured Daredevil.
  15. Watch this test on Youtube. Concentrate on it and give me your thoughts:
    selective attention test - YouTube
  16. Oh I see(I think) It was a Gorilla with the sword and the old blind duffer with his stick got in the way of the taser meant to drop the big ape.Thanks **** for pointing that out as I was foolishly believing the copper had been a little trigger happy.Take my name off the list to jump on the outrage bus.

  17. To be honest I was surprised not to see :heart: .......... and 10 others like this
  18. Why? Do you like cockshots?
  19. You seem alright I suppose.
  20. Alright!! I'm fuckin' perfect. Now we've established your particular peccadilloes.

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