Blind leading the Blind

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Mate this just does not suprise me after the events that have happened to my family over the last week, and if it was not for the fact that it is still in progress I would put it on this thread.
    I intend to publish it after it is resolved, its a complete travesty of justice, the kind you would expect in another third world country and not this one.
  2. Hope its sorted soon mate. Nothing would suprise me these days.
  3. Parking on pavements seems to have become the norm in my area. The police do nothing about it, in fact a few weeks ago I saw a police car parked two wheels up on the pavement, there was sufficient room to park on the road safely. :evil:
  4. It used to be said that an Englishman's home was his castle.
    Well yes it is, a load of ruins though nowadays as castles go, and just you try defending it.
    They put pr*cks like me in foreign places the other side of the world,(singers and JB during the troubles) (NI) gave us rifles and endorsed us killing blokes we neither disliked or even knew.
    BUT try defending people who are in the protection of your home, without the kill bit or even the threat to kill. See what happens, look for common sense in the police, present ten or eleven witnesses, it just continues that the perp can just sit and grin at you and cause disruption in your life.
    And if and when it is resolved 3 or4 months down the line, the tw*t who caused it all just walks away without so much as a fine ,just a "Don't do that/go there again slap.

    There is still plenty of justice in the UK, its just that you can only get what you can afford. :evil:

  5. [​IMG]





  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I made a complaint to a copper about pavement parking some years ago. His reply was that parking on the pavement isn't illegal, driving on it is.
    My predictable response was: 'how the fcuk do you think it came to be on the pavement?'

    Save me a seat on the bus.
  7. Obstructing the pavement is against the law, but it wouldn't be the first time I've encountered a police officer who doesn't actually have a clue what is illegal and what isn't.
  8. The worst offenders for cluttering up the streets with their cars are the disabled and disabled`s carers…who park wherever they like ..
    Is that chap completely blind .or just sight inpaired….if so why the bookshelf…. The sewing machine…looks to me like he has plenty of room on the pavement, and who is picking up the dogdirt???
    I would sugest the police arrested him more out of frustration at his behaviour than anything else….

    I think there`s more to this than meets the eye

  9. :evil: The police have stated that the complaints of cars parking on the pavement will be thoroughly investigated.
    Why did it take the arrest of this man which publicised his complaint for them to investigate the problem?
  10. The man was complaining about cars parked on the pavement not in the street.
    Did you know there are books in braille for the blind. :?:
    The blind man's actions were borne out of frustration at the lack of interest in a perfectly reasonable complaint.Their decision to arrest him was over the top and completely out of proportion to the level of threatThe public good has not been served and this kind of thing only serves to undermine peoples faith in the police.

    Is there room for one more on the bus :?:
  11. Up until a few years ago I always looked up to Policemen, now....I have no time for them at all, and why, because they seem only too happy to blindly follow what their very PC correct A.C.P.O "leaders" say, a la Nuremburg, "I,m just obeying orders sir".
  12. As an ex copper myself, with a son who is also ex Police, I would concur 100% with your statment. :)

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