Bliar's departure speech

Anyone else watch it ? ----- and the Sedgefield constituents (poor misguided souls) fell for it HLS !

The guy is so inwardly looking he can't see the damage done - all he can see is that Nu Liebour has increased spending by X billions to the NHS - never mind wards closing / nurses redundant / overpaid consultants etc, kids unable to string a sentence together etc - and we have more to come in the shape of Mr Brown (Boy! was he smirking on the front bench!!)

Mr Bliar is also going on a World Farewell Tour (most probably with the whole Bliar clan) - no doubt at taxpayer expense - I wonder how many 'carbon footprints' we'll have to pay for that little jaunt...?



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Love it - he seems to thing that the longer the pause between.... words.... adds.... emphasis.... to what.... he is.... saying.
LOL, the Speaker of the House went to call Gordon Brown Chancellor, and came out with Prime Minister instead. Oops! talk about HLS WM :)

'I did what I thought was good for the country' Tony, Tony, mate if only you'd asked us we could have help....???


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sgtpepperband said:
Love it - he seems to thing that the longer the pause between.... words.... adds.... emphasis.... to what.... he is.... saying.
Maybe its to allow time .... for the hard of thinking... to reflect on their education..... and to recognise.....[big word, longer pause Tony]... all that their beloved great leader .... [pause for ovation] .... has personally done to their lives. :twisted:
Did he manage to keep a straight face throughout it?
Deserving of a heart attack (fatal, of course) the day after he "retires" :twisted:
slim said:
We should also be rejoicing in the fact that once Tony has gone so has Prescott!
But at least La Belle Beckett stays with her winsome smile and Grecian profile :lol:

I read Bliars speech with tears in my eyes, especially after reading some of the commentators comments in the USA:-

In one of the most celebrated examples of British parliamentary wit - the 18th century journalist and politician John Wilkes was once told by his political rival the Earl Of Sandwich that he would "either die of 'the pox' or on the gallows." "That depends" replied Wilkes "on whether I embrace your mistress or your principles."

George W. Bush of course has no principles - except expedience and smug, cynical contempt for the millions of Americans who he and Karl Rove gamed into voting for him twice. But Tony Blair DID embrace Bush's political mistress - the Neo-Con arguments about Iraq. And it is for THAT carnal knowledge that his political career has needlessly died of the pox...

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