Bliars daughter joins the bandwagon.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Nov 1, 2012.

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  2. Fuck me, she's an ugly cunt!
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  3. Another snout in the trough ! :pig:

  4. 'All aboard tickets please', it's comforting to see that the wheel of the bus has been taken over by very capable hands.
  5. Unlike you to get involved in politics Finks!
  6. I don't get involved with 'driving' vessels, Finx............I merely tell the Captain which course the Admiral wants him to steer.
  7. With a mush like that she should practice Sharia law. Get her into a burka quick.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, let's imagine, for a second, an alternative version of the story...

    "In today's news Kathryn Smith, from Westminster, joined the Royal Navy. Her parents both met while serving in the Armed Forces in the 1970s. Tony, a retired RN officer, met Cherie Booth, a Wren Writer at the time, when they served together at RNAS Nonsuch. They married in 1980, giving birth to Kathryn in 1988. Her parents told reporters today that '[they] were both extremely proud of Kathryn but naturally people are wondering if she is going to become a Wren Writer, like her mother.'"

    So let's put things into perspective. Kids grow up hearing stories about what their parents do at work. This no doubt has an influence on their upbringing and future career choices. How many of us on RR have parents or close relatives who served in the Armed Forces? Quite a lot, I imagine. And while I am certainly no fan of Blair for the damage he did to the Labour Party, I find this sort of 'news' un-newsworthy, and just an excuse to make assumptions that the Blair's children are only able to become successful through nepotism. We could all look a little closer to home to see that is the case for quite a few people, famous or otherwise.
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  9. My post was directed at the good squire (new owner) Flags but I will say that it was always fascinating to watch the Yeoman doing his flag wagging on the bridge wing.
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  10. What parent would not want to give their offspring a leg up into their chosen trade if they were able to do so.If Cathryn has gotten where she is today by dint of pure hard work and not because Mummy or Daddy knows the bloke in charge of chambers then good luck to her but I imagine her fellow law graduates are hoping someone will smile down on them too.
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  11. Then you'll note my location...................port bridge wing............slightly left of centre.
  12. Damn you and your even-handed posts sir! - I have now missed the outrage bus LOL
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  13. I cannot argue with this Sgt .... but you have to admit ... she's still an ugly bitch!
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'd fuck it............ The lucky bitch.
  15. That Blobs, is not something that surprises me!

    What does surprise me however is that this actually made the hallowed pages of the Torygraph ... or any other paper come to that. If it had been my daughter the fact that she had passed her Bar exam would not have made the pages of the local rag let alone the National Press ... So one can assume that the editor(s) of such esteemed rags assume that because she is the offspring of a past PM who still hasn't been given a peerage or even a knighthood and a wide mouthed frog then it is newsworthy. So she passed her exam and has been called to the bar ... well woopeedo! So did 400 others and I don't see them being mentioned ... the trick now dearie is to actually get a job and as there are 400 after 100 places then she will need to be pretty special.
  16. Or have parents with big insider clout
  17. Alternatively she may be successful on her own merits ... with a mouth that big she probably has no gag reflex ... and maybe she likes the salty taste of olives?????

    No more Mr Niceguy! On your knees bitch!
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  18. Sgt Peppa's fairy tale would then account for the antics of this son: BBC News | UK | Blair's son 'drunk and incapable'
  19. As in needs?
  20. No all Lawyers should be hung drawn and quartered starting with the Bliars and the rest of those who dress in wigs,gowns and stockings and dispense judgements .

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