Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. What a lying twonk!

    If the removal of Saddam was justified based on the fact that he was a [email protected], fair enough. But how come we aren't removing Mugabe, and most of the other African leaders, and the Middle Eastern despots, Asia, South America etc etc.

    Unless it really was about butt banging George W and the oil . . .
  2. what a cock, more evidence that he believed his own hype. A legend in his own standeasy!
  3. Summary, the end justifies the means. I've never subscribed to this unfortunately, increasingly popular philosophy and never will...
  4. What he said.... plus, Bliar said that Maddas was a threat to the region. So he wasn't a threat to us after all.

    Middle East peace envoy my ar5e.
  5. Q.E.D.
  6. I ask you folks, does this tell us anything we didn’t know already?

    He’s only confirming it know because he knows he’s safely in the clear.

    The present enquiry will recommend nothing of consequence and there are too many people at the top who want to ‘move on’, frankly don’t give a toss that we made war on another nation for no good reason and have been wanting to bury the issue for some time.

    Note to self: kill one and you're a murderer; sign the death warrent and you're a statesman.
  7. I seem to recall Bliar and the septics banging on about WMD that Saddam was hiding as the reason to invade Iraq.When it was suggested regime change was the real reason we were told definitely not.I'm surprised he has not kept his powder dry until his appearance at the Chilcott Inquiry.It does however give them time to think up some cute questions that might put him on the spot.
  8. I hope to God they do stick him with some ball-squeezing questions... being 'grilled' by fat Fern is hardly a sweat inducing experience.
  9. Hope, yes. But expect?
  10. They're not the ball-squeezing types unfortunately, he's come out of the blocks early to take any wind they had out of their sails. They won't step over the line they were given, a huge waste of public money.

    It the military's job to go out there and do what they are expected to do, and, while there have been millions of Iraqis affected by his deceit, alongside them are all those lads and lasses who have gone out there and done their bit; there must be more than one TELIC veteran and families of the same angered by his lack of regret / remorse.

    edited for gash grammar
  11. Teflon Tony does it again !!....

    Does the phrase 'smoking gun' come back to you ?
  12. My two penneth worth, liebour had to have the inquiry now so they could pull its teeth and engineer what goes on in it, that way when they get ousted at the next election there will be less chance of another one were the results will not be so clouded/biased
  13. I am sure you good people will correct me if I am wrong but I seem to remember that the intel for the apparent existence of WMD was based on a student thesis that was proved highly inaccurate.

    That poodle Bliar agreed with the shaved chimp for regime change makes my blood boil, we are not yet the 51st state of 'merica but Bliar always acted as if we were.
  14. You're perfectly correct! The dodgy dossier cobbled together by Alastair Campbell and handed out to journos as proof!
  15. Thanks TD for the confirmation.
  16. No worries.

    Alastair Campbell - he's a cvnt as well.
  17. As this is CA I could not comment. :wink:
  18. We are the 51st state, denial is futile...

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