percey99 said:
Have you ever tried doing his job ???

Are you an apologist?

Practically everything that New Labour holds up as an achievement is based on a tissue of fabrication, whether committing British Service personnel to war in Iraq, spending £350,000,000 on consultants, politicising the Civil Service, the pensions debacle, windfall thefts from industry, the declining manufacturing base and rise in imports, NHS computers and targets, all infinitum, ad nauseam.

I don't expect TB to be any more or less efficient than any other PM, but he has lied to the British population too much!
I could respect him more if he took at his salary a multiple of the lowest paid employee in the public sector. This would serve to remind the public just how low paid some public sector employees are, such as cleaners or security staff, often ex-Servicemen. His pension should also not exceed the pension of the lowest paid public sector employee. That measure applied to all politicians might have a salutary lesson when it come to providing adequate goods and services available to all. (Could the PM live off a public sector pension of £6500 before tax deductions?). Mind you, my Uncle had a private sector pension from his employer of £6 a week in 1991! How about trying to live off that! (Yes, that is SIX POUNDS A WEEK).

Hmmm. The future of pensions provision for most of us perhaps?


War Hero
Sadly in this country, more people vote in X Factor than the General Election, it is either a sad indictment on democracy and the intelligence of the population. Or our lives are so comfortable, that really it doesn't matter what we vote for because all our basic needs (Mazlow) are now satisfied and we only bitch over the little things. Or we are so divorced from the ability to change things that we now believe it doesn't matter who we vote for thay are all lying, cheating, corrupt self servers only out to feather their own nests and those of their cronies (guess you can tell my view!!)

Shoot 'em all and let god sort 'em out!