Bless The French

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Sounds about right for something BA would do - or not do in this case
  2. :toilet: Good on the Frogs, I hope they do get to fly Concorde again, it should never have been taken out of service............... all politics ............ whatever the arguments, they should have kept a couple serviceable for air shows and the like.. HB
  3. Now here's a funny thing:

    it wasn't the BA machines at their Mod state that were inherantly unsafe

    BA spent loads of money fitting foam mats to plug fuel tank leaks after the AF one piled in

    AF weren't keen on spending money they didn't have to increase their machines' safety

    now BAES has sold its share in Airbus, it has no residual interest nor authority over Concord engineering matters

    BA disposed of its entire fleet to open air "museums", having first removed everything they would need to fly again
  4. Something not much published is that around 30 percent of Concordes regular punters were killed in the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York.
    It would take years to build up that kind of clientele again.
    Perhaps this, rather than the crash, was the final nail in the coffin.
    I cannot see that there will ever be another aircraft that makes people stop and look as much.
    It was a thing of great beauty and if the french can get one airborne again, then good luck to them.
  5. Sorry but new clientele would be queuing at the door
    As time today is a major factor of life
    High ministers of state, rock stars and the rich, would give their eye teeth to travel so quickly

    Do you not belive that the victims of 9/11 were not replaced immediatly or did we just lay down and let the companies die

    The customers are there, they would pay the price whatever the cost
    and BA could be in profit

    When you can "afford" to fly Concorde it makes no difference wether it is £3k or £4k for a flight, someone with £654M could not spend it in their lifetime anyway


    There must be more to grounding Concorde than we have been allowed to know
  6. "There must be more to grounding Concorde than we have been allowed to know"

    Great technology available to civilians, could put "BLACKBIRD" in jeapordy
    or stealth bombers
    Best get rid of the plans before other nations find out

    What happend to the Russian version Concordski?????
  7. On the day that CONCORDSKI crashed at the airshow in France three French air force fighters took to the skies ready to display so they say. Concordski had to take evasive action and the result was kaput and Concorde was the forerunner of the orders for a supersonic aircraft. Which never happed because of the Concordski crash!!

    The Wilson govt wanted to cancel the Concorde project on grounds of cost.

    How many times have we heard that crap!

    The French informed Wilson if you do we will carry on with the project and because you have signed a contract you will still have to help pay the bill but we will get the glory.

    So it was go go go!

    Thanks to the French of course we had a supersonic airliner!
  8. Fair points..
  9. JM, The Konkordski was a fuel guzzling flop, it needed to use re-heat in cruise and became too expensive to run.

    The Concorde is like the Vulcan a real crowd puller, I'm glad to hear that Concord will fly again.

    BAs management ought to be flogged and keel hauled- daily. :threaten: :toilet:
  10. Why?

    Look, the BAE SYSTEMS guys ultimately answer to the shareholders, of which I am a small, wee, tiny one. But if they dare lower my divi, so they can chase a folly, the can f*ck right off mate!

    Concorde was a fantastic project, but it's at the end of it's life, how much REAL money would it take to get it flying again? Probably loads, would it be safe, hmmm, dunno, why risk blowing loads on a potentially unsafe bird?

    If UK Gov want to be the leaders in Aerospace, let them fund a new supersonic liner.
  11. The thing is CONCORDE proved it could be done
    Now with modern tech and materials it would be an outright winner

    Even the general unwashed public pay a little more to get to the USA faster or in more comfortable conditions

    Imagine a new modern Concorde, built with carbon fibre, with modern computers and engines,

    People would be queuing for a shot, not just the super rich
    (they pay millions for space flight now)

    Imagine an exec of a world wide company London to Washington USA in three hours, rock bands, lottery winners, and simple joe public like I who saved up just for one more world cruise (previosly courtesy of the grey funnel line and got more than eight hours in port)

    You know if it was to rise from the ashes I would invest what little I had in it

    Jack McHammocklashing
  12. Who else would do it in the UK? BAE SYSTEMS own Filton in Bristol, where the first Concorde was rolled out, where else will they get the expertise?

    There is no other British Aerospace company that has the wherewithall to do this.
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    If it would pay Boeing would have built it. Long ago.
  14. I agree there is a market for fast air travel, but to cover the cost of designing a new plane and getting it certified you need to be able to sell to the budget traveller not the top 1% of travellers.
  15. Trooped_Again, I see what you mean. As per , para 20, BAES sold that as part of its withdrawal from Airbus. BAES is now only interested in building big ships and small aeroplanes. They still have one factory capable of doing it but once the Nimrod contract finishes, that will probably become a housing estate.

    If you could recover all the bits that would make an ex BA machine fly again, it would need Airbus to certify the work, if not undertake it. When we Brits wreck something, we wreck it proper!
  16. Hang on 'Bless the French'? Where's HigthePig when you need him??

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