BLESMA - Bootneck Charity Race



I have just received the attached e-mail (which I have sanitised). A worthwhile cause and a typically Bootneck way of collecting! I'm sure most already do support mil and other charities but nonetheless, to para phrase a certain, scruffy and inebriated Irishmen "Give them yu'r mucking funny!".

Sirs, Gentlemen,

JM and I have been challenged to a race, by some friends, from Exmouth to Poole. In outline, on 1st May 2009 we will undertake:

55 Mile Bike race from Exmouth to Weymouth

34 Mile Run from Weymouth to Poole along the SW Coastal Path

1 Mile Swim across Poole Harbour

Total 90 Miles.

The intention is to do it in under 12 hours. However, we are doing this for a reason.

Thus far during HERRICK 9 – not including those injured during HERRICK 5 and 7 – we have sustained a large number of amputees. The British Limbless Ex Serviceman’s Association (BLESMA) provides long term continuity care for our injured comrades and provides them with challenging and interesting activities aimed at returning their lives to a relatively even keel – they provide critical support across all three services.

We are determined to raise as much money as we can to ensure the support of our long term injured men and women and your support in this would be greatly appreciated by both us and, more importantly, them.. Our objective is for every man in the Corps to donate £5 via the attached address:

£5 from every Royal Marine will give the charity in the region of £30,000 and does not take into account support from our Royal Naval colleagues who are also deployed on operations alongside us in Helmand.

Please help us to help some extraordinarily courageous young men and women by promulgating this in your respective organisations and encouraging support.



Maj RM



Excellent cause. I have just donated.
The challenge makes my intended sponsored Endurance Course run look pretty megre though!! 8O