Bleep test


I've just tested myself on the bleep test and got to 16.3, which im really happy with, but I need to confirm its Legitimacy; Is the standard RN bleep test distance 20 metres? And is there a different 'bleep test' for each different distance? As I have downloaded an MP3 bleep test (the one with an Australian guy talking at the beginning!?) and am wondering wether it is the one for 20m or not?

I heard that the highest score ever recorded at HMS Collingwood by someone in the RN was in level 15... (15.6 or something). Yes there is a different test for different distances as the beeps have to be timed differently. Are you sure it is not a 15m test you have done? Did you have someone else checking you were getting to the line in time?


Oh, haha! Must be something wrong with it then, (I knew there was something dubious about the score!). Well I was running on my own with an MP3 player, but I did reach the line each time, there would be no point cheating myself. I suppose that yes, the MP3 must be for the 25m variant maybe?
haha yeah the record at Sultan is only 15.3! then again you could be seriously good at running who knows! ill give me my bleep test cd if you want, ill pop into work on sunday


lol, ah cheers mate! That would be really usefull actually, I'll see you soon then :),

I'll post my ACTUAL score up in due time, hopefully it will be not too different to the last score ;)
I too have done that Bleep Test with the Ozzy guy. I got our island volleyball squad to do it and was one of the last guys to drop out and I'm the oldest at 43! :-/

Saying that I only got to 9.3 and that was over 20 metres. It seemed a lot shorter at Royal Arthur and HMS Excellent. May be an age thing :-(

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