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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by michaela_AET, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. Hey off to Raleigh two weeks on Sunday..just a quick question about the bleep test.
    In all the navy fitness standards it doesn't mention the bleep test, yet am i right in thinking you have to pass it at a certain level in Raleigh? If so, what is the level?
    Thank you in advance
  2. 10.5 I believe, possibly 10.7 but it's 10 point summat. You're at Raleigh two weeks after me and also an AET so I guess I'll see you there and at Sultan. Did you not do an acquaint course? You do the bleep test on that.
  3. ahh okayy..yeah we should see each other!
    Yeah i did, but i was just wondering..cuz it doesn't say anything about it in all the fitness standards. Unless the bleep test is the shuttle run?
  4. That is probably what it is. I haven't looked at all that too much. Did you not do the bleep test at the RNAC then? Running from one side of the gym to the other gradually geting faster?
  5. This is one test im not looking forward to! Ive had a bad relationship with this test ever since school, where I pushed myself to far and threw up in front of my whole PE class lol!!

    good times, good times!!!
  6. Hard to pracice it as well!
  7. Rookie-WWFC, there are places on the net you can download the bleep test as an mp3 for free - set up some shuttles the right distance apart and stick it on your mp3 player, if you really want the practice?
  8. Too late now, I join on sunday. Plus I got 11.7 last time I did it so not too worried.
  9. This is on the RN website but not sure how up to date it is.


  10. Oh i dunno Jimbo, my 1.5 miler is at 9:10ish but I only get 9.9ish on the bleep test. The stop start really fecks me up, I can't build up some momentum!
  11. Hi all,

    am on phase1 at the moment, the bleep test is NOT a pass or fail, it goes on your 1.5. however when you do your yearly PT test you get the option to do the 1.5 or bleep test.

    saying all that they are looking for effort and you are still being look at by your div staff!!

    have a good trip and will seethe FRESH MEAT when you arrive!!
  12. Should not be a problem for anyone who is joining the military
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    We'll see YOU when you join the fleet,,,,hmmmmmm fresh meat!!!
  14. Not really no, download the RMC bleep test here then load it on your Ipod and find any basketball/5 a side court with 20 m marking and bobs your uncle, fanny's your aunt!
  15. Hi guys im just starting week 3 at raleigh now. U do the bleep test in week 2. Its NOT pass/fail but you must put in maximum effort at all times. Dont let the PTI'S see u being lazy or standby for dress ups lol! They expect at least level 11 for lads not sure for girls. Divers should get the highest they said. Good luck people! Week 1 is rubbish but it gets much better :)!
  16. the ptb test can catch some people out too. 23 DECENT press ups, 40 odd slow sit ups, and some sprints that nearly killed me.
  17. Yeah thats a good point. The press ups in the PT B test are tougher than u think. U do them much slower and have to go on the beep which tires u out quicker. Not that hard though if u train before coming here.
  18. Alright guys,
    so do you have to do the bleep test first then straight onto push ups and situps (as many as poss in one minute)? or doyou get a breather in between the bleep test and pushups and sit ups? hoping to get and AIB date soon!
  19. You don't have to do pressups at AIB, just a bleep test. How hard is this, really?
  20. Thats good news incitatus!! I was under the impression we had to!

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