Bleedin' great ship next to HMS Belfast

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by TrickyWoo56, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Hello floating types,

    I work in the City and this morning there's a whacking great ship next to the Belfast. Could someone enlighten us in the office what she is / where she's from? Just out of interest.


  2. I can confirm it is the FGS Brandenburg. She will be sailing later this morning, she came up the river on Friday morning passing my flat at about 0730 whilst I was having my breakfast.

  3. Did you pipe the still as she went past SM? lol
  4. She is a big old unit and I can remember sea riding her during my FOST days in 2005. Lovely inside as well with some very hi tech and 'WORKING' equipment. Unlike our attempt at this type of vessel. ;-)
  5. No I had to boll#ck the officer of the day for missing her.


  6. Good SOP's SM :lol:
  7. Is that right 2 choppers onboard??? 8) 8) 8) A Frigate Armament: 1 Mk 41 Mod 3 vertical launch system, 16 cells Seasparrow surface-to-air missiles (ESSM planned)
    2 Mk 49 launcher with 21 RAM surface-to-air/CIWS-missiles each
    4 MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles to be replaced by RBS 15 Mk. 3 surface-to-surface missiles.
    1 OTO-Melara 76 mm/62Mk-75 dual-purpose gun
    2 Rheinmetall Rh202 autocannons to be replaced by (or already replaced with) MLG 27 27 mm autocannons
    4 324 mm torpedo tubes, Mk46 Mod 2 torpedoes
    Aircraft carried: 2 Sea Lynx Mk.88A helicopters equipped with torpedoes, air-to-surface missiles Sea Skua, and/or heavy machine gun.
  8. damn and buggeration - just read these messages which means she'd have turned around right outside my office if I'd bothered to look. Ah well, I hope there's a next time.

    Do they moor up for ceremonial duties then or do they actually use the Thames in central london as a port?
  9. I stay onboard the 'Belfast' for a week or so each year (activating the bridge wireless office as part of the R.N. amateur radio society easter activity team), and there are some interesting vessels to be seen, but then again I'm not living on the side of the Thames as some of our colleagues on here are. They will know better of course. Good stuff though.....and I'm looking forward to the coming trip in April...So get yer cats whisker sets out of the cupboard and listen out for radio callsign GB2RN...
  10. Brandenburg would have been making a courtesy visit to show the flag. Warships normally use naval ports for operational visits as they tend to be cheaper, more secure, and contain necessary maintenance and logistical support.

    Call me pedantic but when ships go alongside a jetty or another ship, they do not moor, they berth. Mooring involves securing to moorings (anchored buoys) except when riding at two anchors joined with a swivel piece, an evolution known as mooring ship. In some ports where jetty space is at a premium, ships perform a Mediterranean moor with their sterns secured to the jetty and their bows sticking out perpendicularly, secured to the seabed by moorings or anchors.
  11. Good knowledge! Definitely a warfare-y background there!
  12. Very true NG and well said and this Mediterranean mooring always takes place in Naples for example. Always looks a bit weird when you first see it, but makes call rounds a lot easier. :)
  13. Actually the website given above (this one) states:

    The German naval ship, FGS Brandenburgh is due to arrive in London for a few days and moor up against HMS Belfast.

    ...instead of berths alongside. Quality journalism there!
  14. Just good seamanship. Is it still taught? :p
  15. Fook me, its got more armament than our entire fleet.... :cry: :?
  16. PB This little beaut Alongside at Malta 80 plus, :roll: might have more A/C Than the FAA and RAF Combined!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

  17. She probably shared the mooring facility that Belfast uses??
  18. deleted by me

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