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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by RoofRat, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Are there any Naval tailors left where I can buy a Black Blazer (with a patch breast pocket for an Association badge)
    All I can find are blue, navy blue and all with out the patch pocket.

  2. Hi
    M&S do these (DB and SB with military style gilt buttons), I've seen them in Oxford Street, and in Kent.
  3. Depending upon how small you are, you could try a school outfitters - they still do black blazers I presume? :lol:

    You could try ringing Moss Bros Head Office. I normally buy my dinner jackets from their Covent Garden Branch.

    Tel: 020 7447 7200
  4. Hi, Try the internet, i know of two tailors, one in Saddle row other i cant remember, but both are on web site under RN OFFICERS TAILORS.

    Wish i could be of more assistance.
  5. Tried all of those Guys.
    WM,M&S have slit pockets on the breast.
    AAC I don't know many kids with a 44 inch chest measurement or who need a long fitting!
    Bob I found one naval tailor, but for the odd occaision that I need a blazer, I had in mind, off the peg.
  6. Try Moss Bros anyway. They have dinner jackets big enough for me they should be OK with blazers. They certainly had some black blazers a few years ago because I bought one.
  7. Try your local ARCO store - they are distributors for SM Bass Uniforms, who are based in Manchester 0161 834 9598 - although they deal primarily with MN, they should be able to sort you out within a few days.

    Alternatively, you could mail them at uniforms at smbass dot co dot uk

  8. If you have a greenwoods near you try them they do a good blazer both sb and db with patch pockets || :)
  9. Thanks AAC, OSD and Les, I'll follow these suggestions up.

  10. Surely you mean Saville Row??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. :idea: Try Marks & Sparks :!:
  12. I'm sure I've seen them come up on eBay but I can't confirm that until I get home; since the DCSA Gestapo blocked the site!

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