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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. Of late I have had contact with several people that I served with many years ago, the one being none other than RR member Tanzi.
    Besides him I have made contact with about seven or eight others who were not just ship mates who served in the same ship at the same time, but were really close opps's, who I spent mega time with.
    Now the problem for me is this. Since I had my heart attack 5 years ago my whole outlook on life changed, in as much as I seem to have an aversion to re-establishing past attachments.
    There are others on RR who have had heart attacks or other life threatening illnesses and may well know what I am saying.
    Presented with friends from the past I feel as if I do not want to re-establish bonds knowing at our age they may well not be for long, with the associated stress and upsets when they finish.
    Also seeing some one 40 odd years on and, when you last saw them as a strapping young buck is strangely upsetting.
    I had a house guest quite recently, a bloke I served with 40 years ago, and as my outlook has changed little over the years I was disappointed to observe the fun loving barn storming bugger he was, is no longer there. He was like my idea of a "nice old gentleman".
    I bullshit no one when I say I have disposed of several small fortunes in my life and have always paid no great deal or attachment to money or wealth. I do not mean I am cavalier enough to deprive my family, and am by no means poor.The oppo from the past whilst also not poor seemed to be watching every penny he spent and seemed thousands of miles away from way back.
    Nostalgia upsets me and makes me want to avoid things from the past unless they are funny. I do not do war stories as they hold there own tragedies for me.
    Curiosity makes me want to make limited contact but that seems to be it.
    I do not have the same outlook as to new friends which strikes me as strange, I loved meeting Stirling and 2Badge Mango and look forward to meeting many more from RR as I intend to do soon with Jesse.
    I know I have posted this in Lil's but I am quite serious about the subject, and wonder if any of the older members have had the same sort of mixed feelings, especially the ones who have had said illnesses and then rediscovered old buddies.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Rummers, I can't compare with your comments in that my health thankfully remains fairly good.

    I have for the last couple of years gone down to the Diesel Boat Reunion in Guz, met loads of guys from my time in the 1960's, lots of piss taking at the time and then walked away until, hopefully, the next year. I don't expect or want to rekindle old friendships from years ago, just make contact with people, who dispite the passing years, still share the same sense of humour.

    There are others who go down to the DTS (its been going for 21 years now) who post on RR it would be interesting to hear their views.

    My one regret is that I didn't start attending them years ago.
  3. wal

    wal Badgeman

    An interesting thought, Rummers. May I address you as Rummers?
    Some five years ago may be longer may be shorter I had a phone call from someone who I joined up with and served with on the Rothesay in the mid 70s since then 12 of us from the Rothesay now meet up quite often to pour ale down our necks. Some with varying degrees of intensity. We swing the lantern and generally enjoy ourselves. Some are very much more into it and attend every event. Some of them bring their partners. HinDs is not interested and tells me that it is alright for me to go.
    I attend as many as I can within the constraints of family life with mixed feelings of guilt at leaving the family behind and enjoying myself. One of the members has had heart surgery and three of them are on serious medication for diabetes. I just take a slack hand full of pills for prostrate and blood pressure. (Haven’t swamped the pit yet). So yes, Rummers, mixed feelings.
  4. Like yourself, I had a myocardial infarction 20 years ago. Up until then I was a go-getter, a striver.........that changed. I became strangely content with my lot. As for 'lost oppo's', it was only with my introduction to the internet, a decade ago, that allowed me to 'search' various web sites/forums etc. I have made contact (electronically) with some ex-oppo's but not met up with face to face. I would like to meet up with some of them if the occaission presented itself. I have, like yourself, many fond memories of my time in the mob, but that's all they are.....memories. I have changed as we all have, and they will not be the 'same' people they were years ago, but that doesn't matter to me. Just because we now use our grown up names.... like Chris, Mike, Dave............ as opposed to 'sharkey, wiggy, pincher.. etc. we still have a shared 'moment in time'. I don't smoke anymore (obvious reasons) I can't consume copius amounts of alcohol like I used to, so if I were to meet up with 'blasts from the past' they would see a change in me..... I still have my sense of humour as you have no doubt noticed from time to time.
    Life's too short, each day as if it's your last..... 'cos one day it will be..... you've heard 'em all I'm sure.

    Have a nice day, rummers.
  5. No probs with what you call me Wal, I sure have had worse. I understand what you say, meet have fun and leave, and I would do that.
    The trouble is some old buddies want to reform the past, and I cannot do that. I had wonderful times and real friends, but once the break was made for whatever reason, I can't feel the urge to rekindle. I love meeting new people and am somewhat of an extrovert in as much as I really do not care what folks think of me.
    In real life I am not generally "loud" as a couple on here have told me. Actually 2Badge Mango and Stirling (Pete and Mossy) told me I came over an internet gob shite and were expecting that character to walk into the pub where we met. He never arrived.:-D In real life I can cackle the fat yes, but also love listening.
    But why should I be almost afraid to rekindle past friends. My wife tells me that its because I have nursed images of the past and reality disappoints. This could be true plus I do not wish to see my old mates wearing "old man" costumes, AND acting the part.
  6. Life moves on and we all sadly get older.
    What we have is hopefully happy memories of our youth
    and deeds of daring do.
    It's good to reminisce and talk of past exploits as I think
    it keeps us young at heart and our spirit going.
    It's not being maudlin or depressing it just helps to keep the flame going.
    It is sad to see old chums ill or down on their luck but we still care for them as we did back then.
    That's what being a friend is all about.
  7. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Fuck I, Rummers. I thought that you were describing me there. Many a time my throwaway lines have got me in the shite. I keep telling myself, "engage brain before operating gob" but after 60+ years I'm unable to put it into practice.

  8. Flags I can't resist a Black cat so here goes.

    I had a myocardial Infarction Critical .
    That said I do understand what you say, up until my problems I had at last started to be a little more seriouse in my approach to life, as to advance my lot.
    Learning has never been a problem for me, its not a boast, I am one of those lucky people who can absorb any knowledge that interests me, so my academic capabilities have always been paced by my interest.
    I had to adapt my outgoing persona to be inline with the expectations of any advancment I sought to undertake.
    That I now take very little (dat to day) serious, and have no ambitions other than personal wants, shows how I have reverted to old days.
    But, I do not want to relive that period as although fun then, it remains firmly then, and I have evolved. I fear being drawn into old attachments.
    I have disposed of all but the smallest amount of memerabelia from my past as I do not wish my personal life put in a skip when I die, and do not subscribe to the theory that just because it was my prized trophy it should be my wife or kids also.

    Nice day in progress Flags, and wishes ardently resipicated.
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  9. It would make my day if you were from St Albans.
    My experiences of the WAL from there gave me many memories to reflect on.
    Most involved the question,"how long we going to be locked up for this time".:laughing2:
  10. I bowed my head and held a minute's silence. You poor sod.
  11. Fuck I love sympathy, being married its novel.:laughing2:
  12. One of the best quotes I heard was after an FAABA (fleet Air Arm buccaneer Association) reunion. It went something lik "All these old farts kept coming up to me and telling me that they were my mates"
  13. I found a pic on Forces Reunited of a bloke I have a pic of from the day.
    I put them side by side on photo bucket last night. I was really upset as memories flooded back and I am looking at the pic of a geezer who looked like he couldn't get upstairs unassisted.
    And some of the older hands who help me so much in my first ship are now dead, thats the depressing side of nostalgia.
    I do get morose when thinking too much of the past, another reason to look ahead and not too much astern.
    Yes we had fun like they cannot now, due to it being too small a world and an overwhelming dose of Political Correctness, but in the main I do not dwell on it and gain much satisfaction out of the fact I still have fun and "adventures". My life is more important to me than worrying about image and although I do not make a fool of myself when out, I am told I still have a very liberal dose of the fun factor left in me.
    My son has only ever been banned from a pub he was in with me, and that was due to the barman being anal retentive and trying to project his "tough" image.
    I projected him through a window and it was worth every penny it cost to replace.
    Like the Golden Fleece revisited.:laughing2:
  14. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I thought that I was the odd one out. I'm glad I'm not. My last job in the mob was Medium Range CPOGI at Cambridge. I used to get up to the mess in the evenings and watch the 'ex' matelots sat in a corner waffling about 'old times'. I swore then that I would never be like that. I never did go back, to any reunion or run ashore. 37 years later, after three heart attacks, being fitted with three stents, do I regret it ? Not really. It was only when my Grandaughter decided to introduce me to the 21st Century, and got me on line, that things changed for me. Nostalgia hit HARD. I did a fool thing and started to write my life story. 70,000 words in and have only reached the point where I left the Navy. I can't remember what happened yesterday, but somehow the past is fresh in my mind. I am glad I found Rum Ration, it's been such a blast from the past. I doubt I will ever go to re-unions but I will be around to chat and keep in touch with friends. I don't find it strange that I can call you horrible bunch of munters, friends. I've been a long time without the banter. I had to stop smoking and drinking due to my health, now I am as fit as any 78 year old decrepit old sod can be. Run ashore ??? A quiet stroll with a cold J2O after is more my style. Hands to dinner has just been piped, I'm off for my Sunday scran. Cheers !
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    Last edited: Jul 10, 2011
  16. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Congrats on writing your memoirs, Granny, there should be more of that so that what is now the 'Old Navy' (!) is not lost forever. Decent if you could send a copy to the Museum at Whaley. PMing you with the name.
  17. After my first bout of mental illness in 95 most of the people I met at the time ( hey let's go to the Spread Eagle and meet the nutter ) now shun me which is good as they were only there to practice their armchair psychology, drinking mates from the 70's have accepted that I am no longer a social animal so do not twist my arm to go for a pint.
    I have one true friend in life and I feel lucky.
  18. a few years ago one of the lads from the fwd mess of the ocelot contacted me, to see if i would be interested in a reunion of the crew 65 - 67. we held it in maidstone with a visit to the ocelot in chatham dockyard it went quite well with seven members turning up.
    i was married in helensburgh and the tanky was my best man, unfortunately he could not attend due to undergoing chemotherapy.
    he was living in lanarkshire. we decided the following year we would do it again, but this time in helensburgh.
    tanky attended it was great to see him after 40 years to me he didn't look any different we talked about the old days. two months after i recieved a phone call from his wife he had passed away. i haven't been to any reunions since

  19. And that's exactly my fear. Fair play mate.

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