Blame it on a black guy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. So who will win? Who do you want to win? Amazing to think that the USA may get a black US President but I'm suspicious that it will happen at a time when the world is going down the pan ...

  2. More to the point, how long will he last? I have a deep faith in the bigotry of the American People.
  3. McCain for president!
  4. Obama will win unless the Republicans manage to manipulate the electronic voting system in key states in the same way that they did in Florida in '00 and Ohio in '04. Bush's cronies not only build the paperless voting machines but administer and direct the results. A leading computer security expert [Spoonamore] was on TV the other night showing how it was done. Only in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Last Friday, a federal court judge in Cleveland, Ohio, ordered Michael Connell, an information-technology consultant to the McCain '08 campaign, to give a deposition in a court proceeding. Mr. Connell, whose firm, GovTech Solutions, built Ohio's 2004 election results computer network, was in a position to have knowledge about the manipulation of electronic voting results in that presidential contest (a technique known as "flipping") in order to switch the winner in Ohio from Sen. John Kerry to President Bush. The deposition is scheduled to take place today, November 3, one day before the 2008 general election.

    Connell is a former associate of Karl Rove, who is believed by those familiar with the events in question to have engaged in witness intimidation to prevent testimony about what happened in Ohio in 2004. They also believe that IT companies associated with the Republican Party have redeveloped the capacity to manipulate electronic voting results in Tuesday's election, both within Ohio and outside, including Pennsylvania and other key battleground states such as Colorado and New Mexico. One such firm, Triad GSI, is managing voter registration databases in 55 of Ohio's 88 counties and is hosting 25 of those databases.

    All this has led to speculation that the McCain campaign's insistence that they can "win" Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other states, despite being behind (in some places, significantly)in the polls, could be prompted by having been informed about planned cyber interference with electronic voting results. The reality is that a successful cyber attack only requires a few skilled IT experts with an in-depth understanding of digital security. Election returns in many states are presently emailed from local databases for statewide consolidation, without even the standard safeguards routinely used by banks and corporations. In other words, voting data can be relatively easily hacked.


    Presuming Obama wins tonight then all he has to worry about is a bankrupt economy and several thousand bigoted, right-wing, nut-jobs armed with assault rifles.

    Happy Trails

    RM :thumright:

    PS Whereubin GR???
  5. In my very humble opinion if McCain wins we're all pretty much fcuked for another 4 years. Supposing he lives that long in which case we are then saddled with Palin
  6. and why not Barrack????????? I think he will win.... and good luck to him. in my line of work i think he will, and we will benefit from it. xxxxxxxxx
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    If Obama wins how long will it be before the first assanation attempt?
  8. If he wins he will make his first speech behind bullet proof glass, according to the BBC News.
  9. Cletus and Jim-Bob won't be far behind.
    Hopefully Obama will win and come up with aplan to get the 'Alliance of the Willing' out of the sandy places sharpish and then get to work on the US economy which whether we like it or not influences all others.
  10. well I've voted as an "American" for the first time and if some old Penguin looking old fart gets in.............DONT BLAME ME!

    Apparently the Hollywood porn industry have started shoting a new porno....nailin Palin!

    Glad the elections are all but over as I am getting sick of the TV ads etc. MacBush sank to new lows bringing up the Rev Wright shite again. Desperate Rethuglicans as usual.

    Next stop, Brownie/BLiar...........'cause we still can vote in the UK too
  11. I don't care who wins; so long as it all bloody stops! How many years does this circus go on for?
  12. I have just spent the last week working with a Texan, he reckons that 2 things are certain, Obama will win and some nut job will shoot him.
  13. I've found this election more interesting than any others I can remember ...

    Been working hard Bergs :rendeer:
  14. G R. You really should get out more!

    Why is it that every time somebody mentions a "swing State", I hear Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey in my head?

  15. Starts all over again in 2012!
  16. I am keeping everything I have crossed that Obama wins, the world has had enough of extreme right wing 'evangelical' nutters in the White House.
  17. Me too, can`t wait for the ` Ello dere Momma, dis am de new President spikkin`
  18. Mc'cain has it in the bag.

    America still is as fundmentally racist as ever, They won't put up with a black president, Their media will never cover it because it is so politically incorrect to show white Americans spouting off about Obama being a black Muslim, Al jazzera did the other day and apparently the reports on you tube with 15 million hits.
    They will eventually but not yet.
  19. The porno is being shot by Larry Flint / Hustler Magazine and is titled "Nailin' Paylin". Flynt advertised on Graigs List for Sarah Palin and Kindasleazi Rice lookalikes and it apparently features a couple of strapping Russians who 'come knocking at Sarah's back door'. :bball:

    RM :thumright:
  20. Wet-start Johny is going down in flames [again]. It's been obvious for months that Obama will win - the only question has been by how big a margin.

    My money is on the Rethuglican brand being wiped out completely especially if the Dems get a 60 seat [filibuster proof] majority in the Senate.


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