Blair Resigns!

Breaking news,
Just heard on the radio that Tony Blair has resigned as PM with immediate effect, it is believed that the he has been informed that he is to be arrested at 7am this morning April 1st, to face charges over the "cash for peerages" scandal.
In a statement on his behalf, a Downing Street press secretary Miss Faria Loopl said that the Prime Minister had taken the decision "to avoid embarrassment" to the Government.
It is understood that the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott will take the official oath of office early tomorrow morning, when he arrives back at Heathrow from an official visit to the Maldives.


War Hero
Just realised it can't be true. If lardy Prescott is flying back from the Maldives, he'd be landing at Brize. They don't take heavy transport planes at Heathrow!



smiffy, thats not nice, getting peoples hopes up with the resignation and arrest info, then scaring the bejusus out of them with prescot.


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Despite the date and the name of the press secretary, it was obviously untrue because Bliar wouldn't do anything to avoid embarassment to anyone and even new liarbour wouldn't be stupid enough to have Prescott as PM.
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