Blair pines for 'good cup of tea'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, May 18, 2007.

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  1. He may be keeping tight-lipped about what he plans to do next, but Tony Blair has revealed one major regret about his time in power.

    The country is going to rats and he's concerned that he just can't get a good cuppa tea in London anymore.

    Nice to see the Blair grip on reality is still firm.


  2. No doubt in my mind that during his visit to Bubbleboy that he was offered [and accepted] the recently vacated position of the Head of the World Bank.

    He'll probably be able to have his own tea-boy now :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Another shameless attempt by Blair to try and sound like he's "one of us",
    F+++++G prick!
  4. It's probably cos every cup of tea he gets given has had a knob dangled in it and a drop or two of a bodily fluid added to it!
  5. Christ flats!! Not exactly the shy retiring type are you? Fair comment though.

  6. I'm sorry though but we've had 10 years now of this utter prick coming out with such stupid drivel to try and sound "connected" with us "ordinary" people in the country,
    Remember his comment about watching Jackie Milburn at Newcastle United when it worked out he was about 4 when he retired!
    He also apparantly slept rough in London!for one night!!
    A total dick,the book DC confidential by chris meyer, the former ambassador to the US highlights in some parts what a total dick Blair is!!
    Sick of him!
  7. Gormless Gorman should know that you have to go North for a real cup of tea!!


    Only thing that annoys me about the face of teeth getting another high profile job. We will never see the back of him ever!!!!
  8. Recommend Hemlock fine tips


  9. And his effing cod's mouth misses
  10. I recommend a nice cup of Earl Grey flavoured with silver nitrate - should keep him on the pan long enough until he's done his time ..... :wink:
  11. Blair is only pining for a cup of tea, the rest of us are pining for a good government.

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