Blair not for president!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by LP_Blower, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Found this interesting little ditty on the Channel 4 Snowblog.

    Link to Snowblog

    “I am told that Mr Blair’s candidacy, which once looked a shoe-in at 90-10, has slipped this month to well under 50 and still on the slideâ€, says young Mr.Snow.

    Shame really; I was quite looking forward to having a decent hate figure, instead of some minor ex-minister I’ve never heard of. :wink:
  2. Happy days and we can only hope that this current slide turns into a headlong plummet. :)
  3. Yes right down the pan.
  4. Thank heavens for that ...I'm even less anamoured by the equally devious Milliband, though to be honest my wife does have a soft spot for him.
    Its Quicksand off the Isle of Dogs!

    I believe that Berllesconi is only supporting Blair so that he can donk Blairs misses. Do the Italians award the VC or MSM these days? :wink:
  5. I didn't think the Ities had that much courage - fcuk me, he's got more guts than I have, banging that horrapig !!
  6. I was rather hoping he would get it, to p**s off Paddy for being so spineless on the EU constitution (call it treaty, if you want).
  7. I must admit I never really saw why there would have been any real enthusiasm for him in Europe. He had been as standoffish as any UK PM in recent years, had always favoured his chums the septics and the Shrub in particular to any of our close neighbors, so why would they want him. I suspect it was just a scam to get Labour to drop the refererendum now they have he will quietly be forgotten, it is not as if he has made any progress in the Middle East, he seems more interested in his property portfolio than any thing else.
  8. Bliar never wanted to run this country, he just wanted to be PM and swan around the world glad handing. Trelawny is right, only the Ital is in favour of him the rest of Urup see what we have always seen.
  9. I won't believe the grinning git has lost out until I see some other non-entity 'crowned'.

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