Blair gets the reception he deserves in Dublin.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. How I detest that man, he still struts around the world like some over inflated peacock telling everyone he was right to invade Iraq and how sad he is over the thousands of lives lost, well I for one don't believe a word of it. :twisted: :twisted:

    Full story here
  2. Supposedly there were more supporters than protesters when I heard the news the otherday. However the protesters were more out for a fight going by the footage I saw on the news.
  3. The news did say "supporters" but I bet that half of them were there to meet a 'celeb' - the whole incident says much more about modern day 'society' than Bliar...
  4. I think you only need to ask the people you know what they think of Blair to find out how much he is vilified in the UK. He and that nincompoop Bush are responsible for the deaths of countless thousands.
  5. The bloke's a war criminal with blood on his hands. He should be in the dock in the Hague (That's the place in Holland, not Willie) instead of prancing around Dublin flogging his book.
  6. It's his bloody arrogance that gets me reaching for the vomit bag. I have this nagging thought that he actually believes that he is on a mission from his god, I cannot help but draw a parallel with that other ‘Son of God’ nut- job David Icke, the only difference being Icke is relatively harmless.
  7. aparently we can expect an action replay this coming week while he does a book signing in London.We(the UK tax payer) are paying far too much to protect Bliar as it is so I suggest no more money is spent just so he can flog a few books.
  8. Watching the news on TV Friday night. Some Irish lady tried to do a citizen's arrest on him but Tony Bliar's heavies marched her out.
    Makes we wonder where she stands legally on that
  9. Ah, the traditional warm irish welcome. :D think it was the irish cops took her out. a lot not know'n for their sense of humour.and he could have ended up infront of one of their courts without jurys!! dont have much time for the grinning twat, but would have suited her better to protest outside irans embassy about that woman thats now only going to be flogged instead of stoned.
  10. There are some great comments on Tone's book from some unexpected sources:

    "Tony Blair has re-written history - without modesty or shame"

    "Travelling with Tony Blair on this journey is like a trip round his monolithic ego with a sycophantic tour guide blethering on a megaphone"

    ".... many layers of self-exculpatory humbug...."

    "Many of the chapters are as badly planned as the invasion of Iraq."

    "I know it's self-serving, ego-maniacal, unapologetic rubbish, but how hilarious is Tony Blair's novel, sorry, autobiography?"

    "slippery dodger of difficult questions on Iraq and Afghanistan"

    "But what did the great visionary really achieve? Despite huge parliamentary majorities, almost unprecedented public goodwill and a vibrant economy, the answer is depressingly little."

    "Money was lavished on the unreformed public services for little benefit, we were led into a disastrous war on a blatant lie and Britain has accumulated debts that will take a generation to clear."

    "New Labour was not about ideology or doing good. It was about the pursuit and retention of power. It was about egotism, lies and vicious personal feuds."

    "In his wake Mr Blair leaves an exhausted, divided Labour Party and a public totally disillusioned with all politicians."

    "America may be seduced by his flannel and flattery. But at home he has been found out - as a profoundly cynical arch-manipulator."

    My favourite though is an article by Christopher Meyer the man Blair sent to Washington as Ambassador:

    Why the fcuk this grinning, money-grabbing, war-criminal hasn't been banged up is beyond me.
  11. Why?

    It has nothing to do with anyone outside of that country as to how they administer their justice. I don't see people protesting outside British embassies around the globe whenever there is a miscarriage of justice here. And the same goes for every time an American is executed in the name of the law.

    No matter how abhorrent the punishment is, to us, it is none of our business and we should keep our noses out of it, IMHO. Next thing you know we'll be invading a country because we don't agree with how it is run ... oh, hold on a minute 8O
  12. I suppose letting out hundreds of savage and depraved killers is classed by him as a triumph of his holiness.
    I'm not sure other people would class it as such,the general opinion now is,the IRA,due to informers in the highest ranks of that group,were well on the back foot.
    For him to let all, both IRA and UDA, out after the bloodbath they caused,in a lot of cases, to children and women,makes Blair a weak appeaser in my eyes.
    I'm not saying this answer did not bring a sort of peace but anyone can empty jails of scum then receive plaudits.
    I don't know the answer to N.I but I feel unease at the way Blair handled it and a sort of vomiting nausea and his self praise of the way he achieved it.
  13. Sharia law justice (sic) s meted out on a daily basis. Why has the West suddenly got touchy feely about this one individual case. What about all the others that don't make it to the Western press?

    There are bigger games going on here - this is all part of the demonisation of Iran to help ease the conscience of the West if\when "we" attack.
  14. Well we can see through this man - so what about the rest of the population in the British Isles? Why do people still fawn all over him?
    What spell has he got over them?
    Too many questions that I fear may never get answered.
  15. Excellent result. :)

    Mr Blair earlier told ITV it was "not as if we need" to do signings to sell copies of his memoirs.

    Now that sums him up, he truly is a legend in his own mind.
  16. Maybe he's beginning to get the hint?
  17. I wonder what it is about 'Fcuk off' that he doesn't understand ! :?
  18. It has not really been achieved at all.......think on
  19. Bet he has received a few Chiles/Sentamu 'letters' in his time but would never admit to them as they would tarnish his image.
    Was sat on a bench outside the city art gallery today watching the world go by, pensioner geezer comes out of the gallery and joins me on the bench and has a chat, turns out he is from Sedgefield and did not have a good word to say about Bliar.
    His parting shot was ''Never trust a man who is always smiling''.

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