Blair Force One


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My suggestion for a crest would be;

A "Flying Fid" with, your choice, straddled accross it.

Motto, 'Up Yours', in latin.
brigham600 said:
Toady B liar. I despise the little shit and his ugly fecking wife. The pair of them are nothing but leeches and I would gladly help rid the world of the pair of them.

He makes me laugh with having his own flight. This is the same arrogant cnut who said the royal family could not have the 'yacht' and other such 'fancy' transport.

What I really hate as well is when the cnut poses with members of the armed forces with that fecking hateful smile and making out he is doing us a favour. Spineless shite. Rot in hell and take that fecking ugly bitch with you.

Rant over and I feel a whole lot better for that. ;-) :)

Well that is how I felt about them about 5 years ago. Just a bit further along the path of getting up a full head of steam this year.
Screwing up this country, they have had a pile of taxpayers money as well & blown it. 10 more years & the illegal immigrants will be better off in their own countries....................perhaps that is the plan!!!!


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They should have listened to Enoch Powel all those years ago. kick them out and keep them out.


War Hero
Have no probs with freedom of speech shipmate, though I wouldn't be surprised if you received some incoming!


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Anyway I am only 'quoting' what was said by a member of Parliment (a few years back), for those who can remember him.


RoofRat said:
To help to understand that speech, you need to read the whole thing, not just the Liberal media squawkings. In the light of the present climate, it has a certain resonance.
That is not to say I agree or disagree with its content, but like Shakey and Grefs, I believe in free speech.


Thanks for putting that on Roofrat , just read it , certainly makes you wonder , :twisted: :roll:
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