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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by FlagWagger, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    According to the BBC News site, our beloved glorious leader is to get not one, but two aircraft to fly him on official trips. He's also graciously given dispensation for them to be used by the Royal Family.

    Am I being daft or is this a yet another kick in the teeth by New Labour to the Royal Flight in particular and the services in general? Surely. responsibility for transporting the Royal Family and Government ministers should primarily be within the remit of the UK Forces rather than going out to tender to business.
  2. Well, they keep calling the WW the 'First Lady' :x - perhaps it's for her and her taxfree goodies :?:
  3. I despise both him, his missus and his little gang of corrupt sidekicks.

    Never trusted him from day one, always thought he was a smarmy, lying, overacting w****r.

    I know this has nothing to do with his latest stunt, but my spleen needed venting.
  4. Let the royal family use them? Cheeky little public school twat. I hope all the ********* that voted labour in are proud of that little worm. Bring back Maggie for fcuks sake !!
  5. Bliar, the mans an unprincipled cnut.................Purposely spelt that way,as in Fcuk. (don't want to offend the Mods.) :oops:
    The Royal Flight, should remain the Sovereigns perogative.
    The sooner this shower of shite are out the better. but, I ask the same question again, who do I vote for next time?
    At present,"none of the above" !
  6. Why cant the twat use BA like the rest of us?His shit stinks just ike Jenny's does(so i am told)
  7. Another excuse to squander the taxpayers hard earned money. Just wants to keep up with his bum chum across the pond.
  8. Bunch of ********* the lot of them , there all parasites :twisted: :evil:
  9. Well! I'm all for him having his own squadron if that flicks his switches. Then we could ensure that all the VINs in his government (that's very important nonentities) like himself and his freeloading other half, Prescott, Brown, Reid, Beckett (and the jury's out on Browne) could get to their grace and favour homes without holding up the traffic in London for their passage. As for the Royal Flight - it's an anachronism. Not required, like the Royal Yacht! Ooops - incoming!
  10. Interesting thread so far. Quite a contrast in opinion to the one running on pprune. I must say, Bliar and his unashamed cronyism apart, this 'initiative' does make sense for UK plc. We are currently the 8th largest economy in the world and yet unlike the US, France and various other nations, our leader has to turn up at summits in a chartered jet - indeed the last one had our contingent turn up in a jet with an Austrian flag on the side.

    I think it is a step in the right direction and if you take Bliar and his compatriots out of the equation and consider the longer term, I believe you will agree too.

    I'll get me coat..............

  11. As the aircraft are not to be delivered until 2007/2008 (according to the BBC news last night) it is unlikely that blair will actually travel in either of them.
    As for AndyM's comment about flying BA, in my last job I would not fly in any BA aircraft but that is just me
  12. Will these be manned by service personnel - or will this current administration insist it goes to PFI, I wonder ?
    And why do they need a 737 - oops silly me, for all the secretaries of course...... :wink:
  13. Perhaps we could use it,eventually, for Bliar and co's Extraordinary rendition?? :twisted:
  14. Ahem.......if Tony dahling needs a jet to swan about in all over the world, then why not...but please please man it with service personnel.

    Likewise, if he wants to arrive in "real style" especially at somewhere like Monaco/Monte Carlo, then he should also be ordering a yacht in which to travel in outrught luxury. I could give him a few tips - having experience of the old Royal Yacht - or perhaps Lizzie herself could help with the design.

    A trip to Leith to look at the former encumbent (now open to the puiblic) might also be helpful - he could even send Gordon as his constituency is close by
  15. Toady B liar. I despise the little shit and his ugly fecking wife. The pair of them are nothing but leeches and I would gladly help rid the world of the pair of them.

    He makes me laugh with having his own flight. This is the same arrogant cnut who said the royal family could not have the 'yacht' and other such 'fancy' transport.

    What I really hate as well is when the cnut poses with members of the armed forces with that fecking hateful smile and making out he is doing us a favour. Spineless shite. Rot in hell and take that fecking ugly bitch with you.

    Rant over and I feel a whole lot better for that. ;-) :)
  16. I've been using the tern CNUT on RR for ages & no one's made me do jankers for it yet! :lol:
  17. I have no problem with any government minister or royal having a special plane, especially as they say they require secure aircraft & comms systems - BUT, why can't they use VC10s & Tristars the same as our boys who are constantly flying into 'war zones'! Or have I missed the point.

    Didn't we use to have the Royal Flight for this purpose. Sorry forgot, this lot scrapped it!!!!
  18. And give them the opportunity to join the mile high club undisturbed.

  19. Strange you should say that Shakey but that is what a great mate of mine (ex G boy, now sadly passed away) and I thought of the little slimy Mr Richard head the first time we saw him. And definitely not the lat one to come to the same conclusion.
  20. The Mail on line has a report about this, and the crest has been suggested.

    May I suggest a crest of:

    An outstretched hand, palm up with fingers and thumb slightly curled, and the motto 'PAYNOVAT NOR ADMITTUS PHREBIES'

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