Blair finally goes to Gaza

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. The c*nt was being interviewed on Al Jazeera today…

    Tell us, why has it taken you, the UN Middle East Peace Envoy over two years to finally visit Gaza?

    Well there were very real issues about my safety…

    No shit B'liar!!!!

    What did you expect? The Arabs to welcome you with dancing girls and adoring cheers after you invaded Iraq with Chimpy Bush and helped kill 600,000 Iraqis? Or maybe your star turn supporting Israel as they slaughtered thousands of innocent Lebanese in 2006? Or maybe sitting in your hotel in Jerusalem keeping schtum while the Izzies slaughtered another 1,300 people in Gaza last month?

    You got to hand it to B'Liar, he's the master of self delusion.
  2. How any Arab could trust Blair would escape all understanding, talk about jobs for the boys! :evil:
  3. Unpricipled is, as unprincibled does! The mans a cnut!

  4. A cnut is useful and even a soft prick will rise to the occasion but this despicable sod.........
  5. He thought the destination was GUZZ ! Middle East peace envoy ? Drawing his rations and probably pay under false pretences.
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just another politico on a racket fixed up for him by his chums. I expecthe has gone to have a look at how successful his 'envoy'ing has been.
  7. I see from your signature that you've changed branches again.
    Are you attending one of those colleges like Bush did, where if Daddy pays enough money they give you a degree? :D
  8. How anyone or even should would trust Blair escapes my understanding ... especially if he tipped up with the Wide Mouth Frog!
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Does he publicise his trips before hand?

    Just to give the Arabs a sporting chance to top the twat.
  10. It would appear that one of the Questions Mr Blair does not seem to be addressing is the continued blockade of almost all supplies but the most basic into Gaza. Every day that this continues will only act to recruit even more to the Hamas banner. Until Israel stops feeeding the HAmas propoganda machine there will be no peace, and I am sure many in Israel know this. To many in Israel see a greater benefit in the continuance of this conflict so the conflict continues.
  11. IMHO it wont just rest with the Gaza blockage being lifted - the problem wont go away until the Arabs have rid the world of Israel along with the countries that formed Israel i.e. UK and either converted the world to Islam or rid the world of the Infidel! If we take the bible as it really is (a story narrating the life style of the era) it shows that the Arabs have been knocking the sh1t each other up since time inmemorial. All Arabs and Israelies (sic Jews) are tribal and know no different so what makes Blair (or anyone else come to that) think he is going to solve the habits of (several) lifetimes????
  12. Oops do I detect just a little Islamophobia here. Most of the Arabs are actually quite happy to co-exist with Isrtael, and would be even happier if the terrorists were put out of business because the terrorsts present just as much of a threat to the arab countries as they do to Israel. Teror organisations need lots of foot soldiers, the canon fodder for their war. The Osama's of this world only hold guns for the propoganda pictures. The foot soldiers are recruited from the poor and hungry in the refugee areas, the one for whom life is living death. When you shut of the supply of foot soldiers then peace become the only way forward. As long as Hamas can blame Irael for the hunger and death in Gaza they will get recruits and there will be no peace, and Israel knows this
  13. No far from it! Just looking at history - the fact that the Arabs and Jews have been at each other throats for millennia and I suspect they were quite happy knocking 7 bells out of each other without any other outside influence ( Crusades etc etc - Blair is certainly not the first to try to inflict western ideals on the essentially arab world). I am quite sure that some people are keeping the conflict going for their own purposes i.e. Hammas, Al Qieda to name a couple that spring to mind although there are several others - although perhaps I could suggest that Israel could be keeping the conflict going for their own purposes as well??? Can we be sure that they did not orchestrate the whole debacle in order to allow them to continue to knock 7 bells out of the Arabs??? ... which brings me back to my first line - they've all been at it for Millennia.
  14. On that basis so have we, just look at the last 100 years in Europe. To suggest that peace cannot exist in the middle east in islamophobia, or are you suggesting that peace in europe is also impossinble because of our history.

  15. Bingo…

    Israel needs a constant state of war to keep the $$$$$ flowing in from America. No 'threat', no US welfare checks.

    Israel, born of war by terrorists, lives by terror.

    The biggest threat to Israel is NOT the Arabs, Iranians or whoever is the latest 'threat' they claim this week.

    The biggest threat to Israel is peace. If it were not for all the usefull idiots being blinded by the PR spin of 'Plucky little Israel defending itself against the ebil tewworists'… people would see Israel for what it realy is - A rather nasty, xenophobic and ruthlessly racist police state.
  16. Where does Islamophobia come into it??? I am not suggesting that peace cannot exist in the middle east - mearly pointing out that for at least the last 2000 years it hasn't happened and I don't believe that Blair is going to be any different. To be "Islamophobic" you would have to come down on the side of non-islamic counties and to my knowledge I haven't done so.

    If you want to bring Europe into it - can you say that we have had total peace everywhere in Europe over the last decade let alone 100 years? Doesn;t make me "Europhobic"!

    If you want to look further ... Lets look at the American Indians - nearly wiped out by Europeans ... again an outside influence. Why? Because the Europeans had superior firepower and wanted the land for their own purposes.

    History has a habit of repeating itself and the human race seems incapable of learning from it's past mistakes and is normally driven by power, greed and religion (perm any one from 3).
  18. We can only hope that, now that the new President is finding his feet, US policy towards the Middle East will become more objective. Support for Israel must cost the US too many of the billions that Bush has squandered over the years (with St Tony's connivance, of course!).

    I hope that the US doesn't become isolationist, but several of the foreign policy one-way-streets that it is involved in could do with severe revision.

    I'm half way through a book "Afghanistan: The Place Where God Only Comes to Weep", which is reinforcing my belief that there is nothing in this woe-begotten place for the West.
  19. Heroin ?

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