Blair admits yob policy 'misguided'

I think its a bit late for him to say he has been misguided now Slim, don't you?
After ten years of rubbish, personally I think that the whole government has long run out of excuses.
There seems to be a few things which Bliar and labour are admitting that they didn't get "quite right" lately. Apologies are one thing; decisive action to fix the bleedin problems they've created would be another. Actions always speak louder but I suppose we can't expect much of that since they're full of hot air anyway.

Guilt complex?
A bit late, how is it the real people always thought that this would never work and said so but were ignored?
It will need a lot of work to sort things out.
These politicians are "professionals", surely they should get more things right than wrong but then again when they pander to every little pressure group and try to socially engineer society which looks good on paper (as did socialism) it doesn't work in the real world.
Accountability - they couldn't even spell it yet alone know what it means!
Surely they should all have a massive pay cut to reflect their piss poor performance. Backdated to 1997, of course! :twisted:

Alhucoll, the only guilt complex T has is a GILT Complex! :wink: :lol:
Stable door and bolting horses spring to mind.

Performance related pay for MP's now there's an excellent idea!!Blair and his cronies must Owe us shed loads!!!!
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