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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by drh123, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Lots more blahs and blahs upsetting the world as it may be seen!
  2. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Re: RN Waive of Service

    Have you spoken to your DO or UPO?
  3. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Re: RN Waive of Service

    I'm assuming you mean return of service. In my experience I have signed these documents for some courses and for taking Financial Retention Incentives. I would assume that if you haven't signed anything, then your terms of service are unchanged.
  4. Re: RN Waive of Service

    Official complaint has been raised as they refused my notice option which i thought i was viable to place in. Only for fleet to say no,and then say i cant leave untill June2012. They appear to be taking the option that i did the course and thus i owe the time, regardless that the BR states that i must sign an S2658.
  5. Re: RN Waive of Service

    Clearly NOT "The Fleet" OR "Current Affairs".


    I posted:

    <<<If/when any MODS/SODS are awake Seadog, silverfox, Karma, Purple_twiglet

    - Please shift this from CA AND NOW FROM FLEET, Too.

    ('Ideas' etc...... on ice)


    Edited to add the quote from Original Post/Poster


    Currently serving LH who needs advice on whether the RN can hold me in for another 3 years after a course I completed. However, the BR says I must sign a waiver which I have not. Any ideas or contacts would be welcome???

    2nd Edit to add CA MODS>>>

    My CA Thread comments, above, are re-posted here because the serving OP seems persistent in bypassing the Div/Admin system in his attempt to 'wriggle out' of a clear RN obligation/committment on a 'technicality'.

    What Message do our RR Newbies/parents gain from this Leading Hands fine "EXAMPLE" of loyalty/responsibility.

    (I may have to seek out an alternative opinion from elsewhere)

    PPPPS Where are these 'Malevolent 'MODS' that the ROMFT-'ians are of accused of bleating about.

    No Smilies. Not Happy & not the end of my views, either.

    Any other RR'ers with an ounce of & ready to pitch up here?
    Or is this just a cosy snook to advise on RALEIGH Irons or whatever was misheard at the AFCO today?

  6. Re: RN Waive of Service


    One will suggest that you would ask about facts on this 'technicality', as sounding off, like you are, prior to embarking on the facts of a situation could lead to conflict.

    As for loyalty, my time served is well into double figures and so the loyalty situation can sometimes work two ways. It appears that in showing your LOUD views here you have not helped and would have been better placed to have kept quiet if you had nothing to offer!!!!
  7. Re: RN Waive of Service


    I hope that I have read your situation correctly.

    May I ask what you have planned career wise for when you do leave?
  8. Re: RN Waive of Service


    I will pause a few marching paces, but I will return as I believe there are some very serious issues raised here.
  9. Re: RN Waive of Service

    At the moment I have a few available to me when/if I am able to leave.

    Why do you ask Soleil?
  10. Re: RN Waive of Service

    I was just going to say that it's not easy out on civvy street at the moment, jobswise.

    Apologies if you thought my question impertinent.
  11. Re: RN Waive of Service

    2012 isn't that far away. Enough time to save up some cash when you deploy to use when you go outside. As Soleil says, jobs are tight at the mo (as several mates have made me aware) and, whilst you may have a job lined up, if that doesn't work out then you're all on your own.

    Agree with previous posts about the divisional system - it's not perfect but it is designed to deal with things like this. If you're not getting the answer you feel is correct then you need to make an appointment with your HoD. Subverting the system like this is not well received (and lots of people read RR and may therefore be aware of you trying to pull a sneaky on them - can't be many in your situation).
  12. Re: RN Waive of Service

    did you benefit financially from doing the course? Change pay scales for example ot receive some form of specialist pay? The powers that be may argue that you were aware of your obligations prior to the course and therefore your failure to complete the paperwork does not dissolve you of your responsibilities and apparent 'debt' of gratitude...all beit a time based debt.
  13. Re: RN Waive of Service

    I was intially very surprised at the reaction of Breathing...........

    However, there are plenty of serving members on here and your case will be in the minority. Someone is bound to know you or hear about your case. Bear in mind that the navy is still a small organisation and the people that you are seeking advice from on here could well be the same people that you will be dealing with (or oppos of) if you push the issue. You may be making a rod for your own back. My advice is to tread carefully. You never know who's watching.........
    Use the divisonal system, that's what it is there for.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: RN Waive of Service

    If on the Intranet, have a butchers at: BR8748, chapter 4, article 0403.

    The gist of it states that if you wish to opt out of the Return of Service(ROS) for any course, you must do so in writing before the start of the course.

    All people attending courses with an ROS should sign S2658 at the time of receiving the draft to the course or at the commencement of the course. Any mistakes or omissions will not debar the individual from completing the ROS.

    Nice try though. :wink:
  15. Re: RN Waive of Service

    It's implied that you accept the general conditions of the course when you start it, you don't need to have signed anything for the rules to apply.

    The appropriate legal instruments are captured in employment and contract law.
  16. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Re: RN Waive of Service

    It brings me to another hobby horse of mine. This is no way connected to the original poster so not a reflection on him/her.

    Too many people in the Navy do not take charge of their own careers. The Divisional System is there to help and a good DO should have a handle on these things and advise accordingly but it is still down to the individual to know what it is they are getting in to. The BR's are there for all to read and if you don't understand what it means ask.

    Career courses cost and the Navy will want a payback, this is not just the RN either as we do more Joint Courses. So if the course looks long and expensive check the regs

    And again this is just advice for all serving people not specific to this case.
  17. Re: RN Waive of Service

    'The appropriate legal instruments are captured in employment and contract law'

    The MoD and that statement does make me laugh.

    Ie, Pregnant women, being of a different sexual nature, changing sexual nature, to name a few high profile cases that the employment and contract law was not witheld or was depending on your view.

    They however were of a broader aspect than the posters gripe of Return of Service, which itself was overhauled very recently and many had the RoS removed or shortened.

    Remember also that BR's are renowned to out of date and may have had Dins change some content, many still state 18 months notice.

    The best list of references will be via the Divisional officers list attached to the Divisional briefs for each term. they are available on the Intranet.
  18. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Re: RN Waive of Service

    Good point about the Divisional Briefing notes. DINs are good source of information. They are available online and yes the search function is next to useless. The team that run it are aware and we should be getting a better search function soon.
  19. Re: RN Waive of Service

    Guns, please remove that ADAWS chuff from this fine website!
  20. Re: RN Waive of Service

    Life in a blue one!

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