Blaggers Shot by Police in Hampshire


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I know Chandlers Ford well - work just down the road, go to the barbers there and all. Can't quite believe it - it really is a sleepy little place.


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Talking to some one this pm who was over taken by 2 Mercs Q cars this morning (M3/27?) lights in grill flashing going that fast he nearly got out to see if he`d stopped :dwarf: Its going to save a fortune in leagal bills unfortunatly its going to be spent by Kent police who will be investigating


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OSLO wrote
Reports are coming in that the police thought the robbers were brazilian electricians.....

I thought I'd got that out the way in the first post. Anyway, the police say the blaggers were Chinese, judging from the lead content.

Enough hilarity.


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Well that's two more WE won't have to stump up tax payers cash for.
To be honest I have absolutely no remorse for these people at all. What have they and their kind done to my higher beliefs. Loss of life and I DGAF. Hang on.......quick check...........nope - no remorse at all!


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Ok I cannot disagree with any of the sentiment about the eradication of these Vermin. I am however concerned as to what message it sends all the other Vermin and Social Inadiquates that feel the need to walk around with a personality extension. The police shoot to kill without warning? then that ups the Ante somewhat. The next thing will be these twats just walking into a bank blowing away customers untill such tine as they've got their swag.

I hope there was some kind of warning given before shots were fired (assuming tat the police fired fist)



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Surely no warning is required or sensible if to do so would increase the danger of death or serious was my understanding that one of the robbers was threatening a security guard with a which case job well done..Do the police not follow similar rules of engagement to us???

At the end of the day if you choose to live by the sword or bullet in this case then you should expect to die by the sword (bullet).!!

Wonder how much cash the IPCC will waste on the inevitable enquiry!
Yes, I had read that one of the criminals was using a security guard as a human shield with a gun to his head, police marksman shot the criminal in the head and potentially saved the security guard's life, I read the second man was shot in the chest as he grabbed the weapon from the recently shot criminal.

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