Blaggers Shot by Police in Hampshire


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Breaking news. Bank robbers shot by police. Let's hope the swag bag doesn't turn out to be full of cables, Fluke, side cutters and fuses. If not, then; 'rejoice'.
Maxi_77 said:

ITN version, seems they have got the blokes they were after, but one will not be prosecuted.

To save the tax payer money he entered an instant plea of guilty and received a life sentence for armed robbery.

So the UK police no longer use the "Stop, or I'll say "stop" again" approach. Judge Dredd is out there, boys and girls!
OOh dear, I wouldn't want to be the coppers who pulled the trigger (fair play to them though - two less scum bags on the streets) the IPCC cant wait to get a conviction on a Poilce Officer involved in a shooting.

It's true what they say though - when someone points a gun at you, everyone is behind you...when someone points the finger, you're on your own!
I know Chandlers Ford well - work just down the road, go to the barbers there and all. Can't quite believe it - it really is a sleepy little place.
Talking to some one this pm who was over taken by 2 Mercs Q cars this morning (M3/27?) lights in grill flashing going that fast he nearly got out to see if he`d stopped :dwarf: Its going to save a fortune in leagal bills unfortunatly its going to be spent by Kent police who will be investigating


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OSLO wrote
Reports are coming in that the police thought the robbers were brazilian electricians.....
I thought I'd got that out the way in the first post. Anyway, the police say the blaggers were Chinese, judging from the lead content.

Enough hilarity.
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