Blade Runner

I see Ridley Scott is thinking of filming a sequel,I'm not sure if it would work again I thought it was a very good film but will it work again?I think so.
However I'm sure Harrison Ford's too old to be in it,Rutger Hauer,acted him off the screen last time so now he never talks of how good the film really was.
I'd like to see another made.
Absolute classic film and a pacesetter for lots of the SF genre, has quotes galore and that soundtrack is an all-time winner as well. Vangelis did a marvellous job, but then the film itself could never be repeated.----------------- Do you like our Owl ? purred Sean.
Roy, the tired out warrior-----All these moments will be lost, like tears in the rain, time to die.............. it was a magic film!!!!
I doubt they could get the films feel right, even Ridley himself. Having said that a lot of Bladerunner fans hate the Ridley scott cut.

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