Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Jenwren, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Woo Hoo - we're back in the premier league!!!! up the Seasiders!! :D :p :wav:
  2. Aye, well done.
    After 39 years in the lower leagues let's hope you get a fair whack and not be just another Yo Yo side, with Holloway in charge you could emulate Brum's fine season just gone.
  3. Glad it was Blackpool, my beloved Everton can treat this as another derby game rather than going down to Cardiff.
  4. Nice to see another old time Lancashire team back in the top flight, but they will probaly go the same way as Burnley. Hope they don't but......
  5. Congratulations to the Tangerine Dream
  6. Someone had to win but alas it wasn't my beloved Bluebirds.

    Congrats to Blackpool and good luck for the furture in the top flight.
  7. BZ to Blackpool, I can see a lot of premier league fans eagerly awaiting the away fixture list for next season, hopefully all Blackpool's home matches will be on a Saturday afternoon thus giving fans a chance to get some football in, a trip to the pleasure beach followed by some ale along the seafront. Bit of a win win situation for Blackpool FC and Blackpool PLC.
  8. And t'luminations from September. brushteeth
  9. Well done on your 0-4 victory, top of the Premier League for 2 hours at least.
  10. What about my Beloved Oxford United getting back into the football leauge after 5 years ? :roll: :D
  11. just spent two days in blackpool - what a shitehole - chavtastic central,

    spent breakfast next to one couple wearing thier pyjamas and the other side was a family of five dressed in head to toe "liverpool fc gear"

    pleasure beach was good except for the mongs around us.
  12. Nowt wrong with Blackpool. It's the cnunts who come for 2 days and leave it like a shite hole.. :tool:
  13. the majority of the cnunts we saw were northerners - the liverpool attired socail hand grenades were definitely scousers - if i shut my eyes it was like the harry enfield sketch. now then, now then

    the pyjama clads sloths were from the manchester area as they gave everybody else especialy the scousers the evil glares.

    whay is that we went 100 miles north to the lakes area and everyone was fine sociable and friendly whereas blckpool was full of local youths determijed to get pisssed or shellsuit wearing mums shouting chardonnay put that down.

    blackpool - showing southerners how lucky we are to live where we live.
  14. manchester is not northern!!!!!!!!

  15. Everything north of Redruth is Northern!
  16. Strongly dissagree, hate ACTUALLY being northern and beening tarred with the same brush as bastard mancs and scousers! & everything else that isn't northern!
  17. We'll I'm afraid everything North of my position is Northern it's just geographical :lol:
  18. oh I see your a redruther! wel I see your point geographicaly, but It really Isn't "in Manchester a part of Northern England" BULLSHIT
  19. 100% correct tommo. Of course Manchester is in the north, it's hardly the midlands is it? Much as I like to consider anywhere north of Tavistock as part of Scotland, I generally consider (just a personal view of course) 'The North' to start around Stoke. For what it's worth I also make The Midlands a line from Worcester to Northampton - east of there isn't included as that's, err, The East.
  20. Redruth, Tommo? Chav capital of Cornwall. I'm a posh southerner. I come from South of John o Groats. Anyway, Blackpools a bloody good run ashore. Bit like Guzz and Pompey in the sixties. 8)

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