Blackpool Charity shop or rip-off?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Notyetavet, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. What is the Fylde Ex-Service Liaison Committee

    The aim and object of the present Liaison Committee is to further the interests of the members of the affiliated organisations of the Committee and of Ex-Servicemen generally. Membership is open to all ex-service organisations in the Fylde area, and there are now about thirty in number. These Associations, which have originated from every wing of the armed forces, are combined together in this Committee to achieve those objectives.

    This looks admirable until you start to ask questions. :oops:
  2. The dit at the top of the page goes on about "empty bottles". What's that all about?
  3. :? Found the thread hard to follow ;-- What is this about Saint Simon Weston being offensive to an ex service woman and getting his face slapped. :!: :?:
  4. Seems to have a strong SA/Rhodesia (as was) slant
  5. It's a long story but it goes back to when they first introduced the Veterans Badge and the MoD declared that only WWII were Vets.
    Then they tried to sell it to everyone after enough pressure was put on the halfwits in command. To their chagrin they hired a Protein Pusher, Killer Pongo to spin it to various collective Association.
    In Rhyl, the messenger with the silky tongue, one Julien Manure or whatever my dyslexic fingers spelt wrong, so irritated one female veteran, a former Officer who spent more time on the Continent than the Waffen SS, that she threatened to... you can gather the rest.
    It has all been published over the years. Sorry if it appears that you have to piece it all together, but I don't want to give the shi'ites too much wriggle room when they eventually get done for corruption. If you read the cut out, Simple Simon is defending Victor Manure and is not the subject but the advocate for the indefensible. :idea:
  6. Make no secret of it. Served with the finest little army in the world after I left the Mob. Was almost worth the sacrifices. Pamwe Chete
  7. You are obviously not a bootneck.
    History lesson. Marines were referred to as empty bottles because for long periods it appeared that they did nothing. But, like a dormant container, they were always ready to be filled up and used again and again. And like an empty bottle you can fill them with anything you want. That's why the old ethos was for the lads to move individually between units so that they could learn and teach simultaneously. It was an easy way of maintaining versatility, something civvies and pongos don't really fathom.
    Unfortunately the civvies in the MoD thought they knew better and had the mob train closer to pongo style. For some reason the Brass swallowed it, their pensions no doubt.
    So, once upon a time, empty bottles were Royals just waiting for another posting.
  8. Lots in local paper. Google Blackpool evening gazette. Fraud investigation ongoing.
  9. Correct, but I've been around a long time and know many Royal Marines, and never heard the expression before. But thanks for the history lesson.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Must admit that's a new one on me also, but then I'm not a Booty - not entirely sure that's a widely known fact within the Corps at present.

    Happy to stand corrected, but my guess is most current serving Royals would probably nut anyone calling them an 'empty bottle' - just to be on the safe side :wink:
  11. How sad. In my day a wry smile was enough intimidation.
    Pity you can't comment on the thieving bastards in Blackpool

    For interest, the mannequin in the shop window cost a fortune and is a replica of the original 1664 uniform. The lads were going to parade around the country in pageants and other events to raise money for Charity. Because of the shenanigans of the hierarchy not a single penny has been raised and the original workers have disengaged themselves from the proceedings. There is a video of the lads performing in their one and only performance, where the Bootie humour went straight over heads.
    A shame there is no history taught. Pamwe Chete
    You don't use violence, it is enough to know you can use violence.
  12. Drakey, I hope you can grasp the seriousness of the article in the Blackpool Gazette.
    It is not only happening in Blackpool, the papers have fake ex-servicemen all over the place. But this is a bone-fide organisation allegedly acting as a charity. It is sad that it has got this far but it is indifference and ignorance that has allowed matters to progress.
    The comments column in the paper has been removed, only the supportive remarks of the local journalist survive. The same journalist who repeatedly referred to one of the suspect characters as a Marine Major without retraction, called him a HERO even though he has never been in action. They are the same cartel who were found to be accepting political hand-outs in contravention of Election Law but received no sanctions.
  13. I've heard of empty bottles being refered to as 'dead marines' as they've done their duty, but if you called me an empty bottle you'd probably be wearing one sharpish. :roll:

    Hmm, Notyetavet seems to have an axe to grind, 2 threads on the same subject in a day, perhaps he'd like to explain his role in this affair?
  14. Take it with a pinch of salt. The Gazette has been in possession of evidence of malfeasance against a cabal in the Feslc and the Conservative Party, the same group, for over five years but has not published or even challenged.
    What made the difference here is that Arthur Roe went to the OFT and police before going on to the leader of the Tory Council group. Strange that it is the same personnel involved who were implicated and reprimanded for accepting cash from a building company who wanted to build on Green Land. Planning permission was passed.
    There is a letter circulated from the former Mayor of Rhyl who complained at this cabal denying him access to Minutes of his Association, and was hit with a demand that if he wanted to read those minutes he would have to travel from his place in Exmouth to Blackpool to read them (700 mile round trip). When Arthur Roe raise questions against his own committee he was told that he could read the correspondence as long as he went alone to the Office - in a private house - and could read only, and then only with the Chair present. Tactics the same though the Organisation different.
    None of this would have been published had not one of the cabal committed a heinous act of theft from a well known charity. Just look at the pictures and use your imagination.
  15. It just goes to show how little Corps History has been taught since the MoD enforced Pongoism on the mob in 1969.

    I have no role to play. My history with Arthur Roe goes back many years ago and ended on the Corp birthday in 2005. I had put in place a request to get funds so that all the down and out Bootnecks in the area could have a night out without it costing them anything. £5k plus was donated by a government run charity to this aim, venue set and I stepped aside as I was running casework for over 100 service families in my time and at my expense.
    On the night, instead of the phalanx of Booties, it was like watching a gathering of the local conservative party. Out of my own pocket I had paid for tickets for fifteen caseworkers, a group of lads who had all served together and my immediate family. My tables were lost, we were not accommodated within the main hall and a hasty set of tables arranged outside; all this whilst my entertainment group was on stage performing. I lost my rag when my SBS oppo disappeared out of the doors with the remark "these aren't ******* Bootnecks" following him away.
    Yes, I have an axe to grind. I have raised thousands of pounds and never wanted a thank you and even allowed others to get kudos from my fund raises, because I always knew to where the monies were going. My sisters' father-in-law has provide the only Service Charity with a free shop in the centre of town since the body bags started arriving home. Never a thank you. I took no pleasure in slapping a Service Charity in court because they threatened the privacy of clients, and won an unequivocal apology.
    At the end of the day it is about those in need not those with greed.
    Yes I have issues. Standing aside and allowing the Walter Mittie's carte blanche is definitely not one of them. The bogus Marine Major was allowed to destroy the charitable reputation of a great former pongo in Preston. He ought to have been hung for that but he was THE HERO, galloping dogshit!
    I no longer work with these groups though my telephone is always open to any service personnel with problems. My oppo's lad was casevaced from Afghanistan with....... The Mod offered him £20k in full and final settlement. I shall continue to fight his corner whilst the cabal celebrate the pennies falling into their pockets. I don't think so.
    Yes, wouldn't you get angry?

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