Black Tie?

Been invited to a old school reunion and have been asked if I can wear my uniform (which saves me some money as well in hiring a tux). The invitation is down as 'Black Tie', so my question is, what is the Military Uniform equivalent of civilian black tie? I am in the Royal Marines, my guess would've been similar to a Sergeant's mess dress, in which case, what is a Marines version of Mess Dress?


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Hi mate, from experience at working in catering, A bootneck came to a School awards thing to hand award out. He came in full lovets, he didn't look to have any rank other then a normal Marine though, not sure on Cpl and above hope this helps.
As your serving, why don't you ask your seniors wherever you're based, your DO perhaps or ask in the UPO for a skeg at the dress regs, or look it up yourself on Dii.
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