Black Saturday


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The hottest day in Melbourne’s history has become one of the blackest bushfire days in Victoria.

The township of Marysville – gone. The township of Kinglake – gone. The township of Kinglake West – gone. These would only be regarded as villages in the UK but they were complete communities. Hundreds of houses destroyed and scores of lives lost. Some people left it too late to leave, some made the wrong decision. Unless you have been near one of these bushfires it is impossible to imagine the sheer ferocity. Winds of 80+ mph carrying embers a mile in front of the firefront and starting new spot fires make it very dangerous for the, mainly volunteer, firefighters. And a firefront which is 50 miles wide !

Today the winds and temperatures have dropped but now the fires are so huge they still threaten many townships and will do for the next week at least. Telephone exchanges have been burnt down and power cuts are widespread.

Have just heard that farmers are trying to herd their surviving stock and get them to market as they now have no feed or water.

We could do with a little snow.


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Been watching it on the news here mate, bloody hot here today but nowhere near your temps, we got to 37.

They say 25 dead, unfortunately that looks like rising.


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Terrible News. I know the area well, having spent a few years there. Thoughts are with all those who have lost.


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The toll is now 50 confirmed dead and this will rise. Probably 600 houses lost, this too will rise as the big fires are still not under control.

We have offered our home, and our caravan, to anyone who has lost theirs.

Self-pity is not part of the aussie character. Time to knuckle down and do what we can.
Australia has suffered quite badly over recent years with many years of drought and then more recently, flash floods. It wasn't too long ago that bush fires threatened outskirts of Sydney. This recent wave of bush fires is of course terrible for those affected but what makes it worse is the reports that some of the fires had been started deliberately


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The sky's over here darkened yesterday afternoon, mrs blobbs and I wondered what was going on, it was something like an eclipse of the sun. Just found out it was all the smoke from the bush fires drifting over the Tasman.

To put that into perspective, that's like sitting by the pool in Cyprus and getting smoke from fires in Wales drifting over and blocking out the sun.


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Hopefully the very worst is over. Victoria still has six very large and uncontrolled fires which could lead to further loss of property but the high winds which caused the ferocious firestorms have abated so hopefully no more loss of life (although the toll will rise as some areas still remain inaccessible). NSW is now copping their share so it may be some time before the skies clear for you blobbs.


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Tanzi, I have relatives in Melbourne, at Mount Waverly. Are the fires anywhere near there? One branch is near Healesville. Knew Melbourne well when I visited, I hope that you get over the fires with no more loss of life. My best wishes are with you all in Victoria in your terrible time. God Bless. David.


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Hi granny,

Mount Waverly should be safe - it is in the suburbs.

Healesville was at risk but is safe at the moment. But we're not out of the woods yet. The weather is expected to worsen towards the weekend (hotter and windier) and some fires will still be burning.
I have good friends in Melbourne, and was lucky enough to travel around Victoria state during my stay in Oz last year. I found the Aussie people I met to be a friendly and down to earth sort. I can only offer them my deepest sympathies and wish them well. If they do catch the [email protected] that set deliberate fires, I hope they string them up by their [email protected]!


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Update for granny.

Healesville is now under ember attack. This is the same fire that destroyed Kinglake and Marysville to the west at the weekend. Despite throwing huge resources at it they still have not controlled it.

Healesville is a large township but outlying properties may be deemed indefensible - emergency services will try to concentrate on saving the majority.

ABC local radio give detailed updates and bulletins. If you have a decent internet connection you may be able to stream ABC local radio from here ABC local radio

Hope all is well.
If it reaches Melbourne Cricket Ground my dad will be OK..... he was already cremated before my sister scattered his ashes on the hallowed ground.

Terrible what is happening. What sort of person deliberately starts fires when time and again the consequences are all too clear? :evil:
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