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The doom monsters are releasing their 19th album but how many can you name? There are some hidden gems without the classic lineup, do people prefer Ozzy, Dio or Tony Martin? They seem like seperate bands with the different singers and I think Heaven and Hell is one of their best albums, but I'm really feeling Masters of Reality at the mo.

Being born and raised in Shepherds Bush, we had easy access to the Hammersmith Odeon, Saw Sabbath 5 times, all with Dio as singer. In my minds eye, Dio brought a new direction to Sabbath which I liked. Ozzy is my next singer and never got involved with Tony Martin.

And say Hi to my sister who now lives in Lichfield :)


Lantern Swinger
Dio, no question.

Saw Heaven and Hell at Wacken in 09 and my mind was blown.

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Lantern Swinger
I see the Dio stuff as more associated with the continental power metal bands, so just as awesome depending on the mood. And Ozzy is so much better in his early days when he actually had energy.

You're both lucky to have seen Dio live, I went to Wacken 06, 07 and 08 so missed the boat there. And why on earth would she move to Lichfield, she just retired?
I fall into the the old Black Sabbath.

They should let sleeping dogs lie now. Ozzie isn't a quarter of the entertainer on stage he used to be. Better to be remembered for the good old stuff rather than a has been band trying to relive the 70/80's hero's of rock they were.

They were good but there comes a time when you have to put your guitar down.


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Waspie, keep an eye out for Hot Bacon around the Weymouth/Portland and Dorchester Gigs. Son play bass with them, they were at the Clifton last weekend.


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Wouldn't have thought so, he doesn't eat meat. Mind you he shoots and fishes. Its been a long held theory of mine that he is too lazy to chew.
And why on earth would she move to Lichfield, she just retired?
Nah, new boyfriend lives there. And the funny thing my first wedding was in Lichfied so it is only a matter of time before she walks past my ex mother and father in law. I doubt if they would recognise each other now though.
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