Black or Blue sub

some subs are getting painted blue one already is i dont know the name.what colour for sub does everyone think and what colour for the astute class i know this is silly but i think they should be blue i want to see if im the only one who thinks that.


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the one that had a paint job recently was Torbay, for a trial while she was at AUTEC. They found that the paint had faded since it was applied so it perhaps wasn't the same shade that had been tested in the lab. It's all part of an ongoing effort of signature reduction for submarines, whether that's acoustic, electromagnetic or visual.


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Nigaramus wrote: Look at my signature. This was Opossum for the Gulf War.

I seem to remember some of the papers trying to make a big deal over offending sensibilities by Opossum returning to Blockhouse sporting that paint job. Personally? I thought it was flippin' great.