Black Heads.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. This is not a thread about Bruvvas.
    This a thread to discuss the art of extracting soap residue (black heads) from your bollocks or on rare occasions your knob.
    Now black heads to us of the dark pigmentation can be very hard to find, for obvious reasons. However should one be found before it turns to a full blown zit, I have tried various methods to rid myself of these curses.
    I find lying flat on my back with a bitch doing the spotting works reasonably well until they start to actually touch. Instant arousal usually leads to then dropping their mouths open admiringly, and as they gasp, I strike and all thoughts of black heads turn to "black head".
    If its a white type although being a woman and automatically having a big mouth, some still struggle. Usually to get away but that's just a Fijian thing.
    I like it when having deposited copious amounts of black belly blaster, they then set about the original task and perform the operation whilst I am subliminal.
    When they shoot out like mirror splatters it's best but on occasions they are very hard to extract and a fair bit of pressure has to be applied. This can be very painful for both parties as when the pressing becomes intense I hit the bitch with my Iwisa and share the pain.
    I bought a gizmo from the local witch doctors shop that was as a plunger that you place over the offending spot and press and pull up on the plunger. This is supposed to draw the soap out, but just drags about three mm of skin up and is as painful as being stabbed with a fuckin great needle.
    ( Caution is advised to Monty and all others on this site with small cocks) as you are in danger of sucking all your bollocks and shaft into the device and having to plunge your gunge back out again if it will release.
    My friend who I will call Chalky, now has inverted prick syndrome, although his wife swears she can see no difference.
    On the other hand Stan has been struggling with the device and has in desperation PM'd me to ask where abouts he might locate his bollocks and telling him underneath your prick was no help whatsoever.
    Wrecks has also asked for guidance, as until he read this he always thought a prick was the bloke who lived next door and was called Black something or other.
    I apologize if this thread seems racist, but that again brings controversy, because of you white boys small baby shooters, we have to blame it on god. As most on here don't believe in god who the fucks responsible? have a debate or even blame Bad CO.
    In the meantime whilst the ensuing confusion as to where, who, and why reigns I shall be lying here picking blackheads from my crouch and thinking why they was never called white heads as they are just irritating little squirts.
  2. Rummers please pm me you have some real snags or is the message rather subliminal and being a dabber I can't quite grasp it. Never had a spot on my bollocks. got crabs once but being a nice guy passed them onto my ex missus
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  3. I think Rummers is trying to say he's got galloping knob rot, I've never suffered zits in the nether regions although I've had a couple of black heads down there, the last one being in Antwerp but my oppo paid for her as I was skint.

    Had a nasty time with scabies once, courtesy of a Faslane slapper (it was me who wanted to call the police but I manned up and did my duty unfortunately)
  4. Knob rot would be terminal for me, no body could take that amount of infection. Its like yours x100.
    I thought scabies was a scottish delicacy served with chips.
  5. She did go down on me to be fair, I just thank fuck I never reciprocated. Wonder who had the chips, the bastard?
  6. you get zits on your cock? is that a black thing?
  7. As I was da treeter of you white boyz when I wus inda mob, I nows you lot is a spotty cocked lot and even boast a duff called spotted dick. So dont gimme no neverminds honky.
    Dare wus de white trash wich the white rash.
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  8. LOL.......
  9. Had penile warts twice,as someone who left the RN with a rectum so tight that when I farted,only dogs could hear it,I was suprised as I thought they came from the black art of turd burgling which wasn't my thing,seems not,cured by dabbing remover on after first covering it over with Talc!
    Often wondered what the conversation was when the Surgeon and all the theatre staff as they gazed at the snake poking through the cloth!
    First time was General Anethie[can't spell the rest!"] as there was a it more to take off!
    Enjoy your dinner!

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