Bizzare Pastimes: Hill Racers Are As Mad As Cheese

Dozens of fearless competitors have taken part in one of the country's most bizarre and dangerous sporting challenges - chasing a giant cheese down a steep slope.,,30100-1267723,00.html

Isn't it crazy how Brits will go to extraordinary lengths to follow some traditions? Despite the risk to life and limb this one drew 3000 to watch it. I'm just amazed that some H & S guy hasn't banned it because of the Risk Assessment results.

The really amusing bit is the quote from the winner "I don't even like cheese much". FFS - why run down a steep hill after it then mate?

Meanwhile in the backwoods down in the South West....

Don't let your kids run round Ottery St Mary with barrels of Blazing Tar on their backs.....let dad do it okay???

Oh bollocks.....why not??

I believe the H&S did try to get it banned a few years back.Glad they failed,we need stuff like this,its what makes us British!

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